Some consumers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Tuesday called on the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) to increase awareness on its activities for better inclusiveness.

The consumers stated that most of them have been unaware of CPC’s existence and functions, in spite of its various awareness programmes.

A taxi driver, Mr Sunday Timothy, who spoke to NAN, said he knew the location of CPC’s office in Abuja but did not know the importance of the organisation to consumers.

According to Timothy, if he is not satisfied with a purchased product and the dealer refuses to give him a replacement or a refund, he will engage in a fight with the person to get refund.

He said if there was an office that operated like CPC in the country, it was important that consumers knew about them so they could table their complaints and get better services.

Another consumer, Mr Benjamin Chike, said that CPC was another “wasted effort and resources” by the Federal Government.

According to him, he has not seen nor heard of any matter resolved by the council and it had failed to sensitise Nigerians to their rights.

He said that the government had a duty to really look into the affairs of the council to position it properly.

Also Miss kelechi Akintola, a civil servant, said,“ I am aware of CPC because I am privileged to have a friend who works there and who gave me an insight of the place.

“ I do not think the council has done enough at sensitising the masses to what their rights are and when and how they should table their complaints at the appropriate quarters.

“ CPC is a parastatal by the government set to give voice to consumers but most consumers in this country do not even know what their rights are and how to ensure their rights are respected.

“ I think more awareness and sensitisation need to be done and this should be narrowed down to the grassroots where the common Nigerians reside.”

However, a public servant, Mr Frank Ejiga, said that through the help of CPC, he was able to recover money he had spent on an item later discovered was fake.