Senator AbdullahiAdamu is the winner of Nasarawa West senatorial district election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). In this interview with FRANCIS NANSAK in Lafia, Senator Adamu promises to provide good representation for his people. He also applauded the use of the card reader, saying that it reduced over voting. Excerpts:

You have again been re-elected as Senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial district where majority of the stakeholders in the state are from, how do you see the exercise?

First and foremost let me begin by thanking Almighty Allah for granting me the acceptability of the people; I thank Him for causing their mind to accept me and the support which they have given me in this election. This is not my first time, or second time, but this is my third time of facing election in this part of the country and God has always blessed my efforts. I thank Him but my thank you to God will not be complete if I don’t show my appreciation to my people for saying we are not tired of you. They have from the beginning the ones that paid for my nomination fees, asking me to come out and contest election and see to it that victory is on our side.

This are gestures that words alone cannot express, so I hope I will serve them better and on my performances I hope to improve and I will improve in my legislative duties by giving them the best I can as their representative and I want to tell you that I am better prepared today to be in the Senate than I was in 2011 because that was my first experience, so it is my hope that the experience of 4 years that I have been their will be maximize particularly to making laws for the good governance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in doing so, I will be able to perform the oversight functions at the National Assembly and to also see the best way possible that will ensure that my people are fairly represented. I think this isn’t just about leadership and but it is about a passion.


Your Excellency, your party the APC was able to produce two Senators in this election but lost almost all the House of Representative seats except one, and most surprising the APC also lost in the presidential election in Nasarawa state. May I ask where it all went wrong?

Well in every election and in every country there is maybe a political arithmetic that didn’t work in spite of my victory. I am more sure than anybody else you know, on the fact that PDP managed to get more votes in the presidential election than the APC which is much more on ground and after producing two Senators makes it more difficult for anyone to belief, but it has happened and by the special grace of God we are taking appropriate steps to see and understand where it all went wrong before the next elections.


In view of the outcome of the Presidential election which APC lost to the PDP in the state many of the APC members are accusing Governor TankoAlmakura of not doing enough to help the party in the state?

Yes, when you have an expectation in an election like this and at the end of the day the result is not what you got, there is bound to be sad feelings, so I am not surprised if any APC member is unhappy with the outcome of the Presidential election result in Nasarawa state. And like I earlier said how we all came to the level where we are today and with the massive support shown each time this kind of occasion demands, however the result is not commensurate with what APC has put on ground been the ruling party in the state. But on the issue on holding the Governor to be responsible is not a good reason but should be our collective responsibilities.

But we will make amend in the areas that have gone wrong and we will correct them in the upcoming election as we believed that this is a pointer, but you will also need to take the democracy of the state into consideration against the background that Nasarawa state was under the PDP leadership for 12 years.


In 2011, when you first won election as Senator you did promise that you are going to be a ranking Senator among the three Senators representing the state, and now you are a ranking Senator. How did you intend to lead other Senators towards the development of the state?

Every member and citizen of Nasarawa state will be treated equally that is how I was brought up. Whether they are Senators, House of Representatives members, or past and present politicians, for me, every man or woman in Nasarawa state is my brother and sister and we belong to the same family called Nasarawa state. I will provide the leadership that circumstances will permit me; I will provide a leadership that their attitudes towards mutual relationship would make it possible for me to rule. Sometimes we can be a little bit liberal, we don’t have to divide our ranks, and state on party basis for me I am going to go there with an open mind and welcome them into the fold and there was a role we played during the Ombatse crises, which is standing by the state and by the government regardless of our party association or interest.


Sir, what will you tell politicians who lost elections?

Let me frankly say that all my life I have been in politics and I will prefer to be a politician. I played politics in my secondary school up to the time I went to my higher Institution, and my interest has always been hugely vested in politics. So for more than 40 years I have been a politician and God in his infinite mercy has also always blessed my efforts, but there was a time in 1979 that I contested and lost not knowing, after a long wait for the result to be announced I had to encourage myself. So I had to walk a long distance to AngwanMayu and on getting there I had the people shouting “Power” then it was during NPN and NPP. I contested then under the platform of NPN for the House of Representatives and with the shout of the NPP slogan it sends signal to me that I might have lost the election but I had to wait for the announcement and when the electoral officer did announce that the election was won by the other person but not me, I had to get up and congratulated him as I accepted the defeat.

This is even when my party failed to understand my reason for conceding defeat, yet I appreciated them and apologized to the party. I don’t believe losing an election should be settled at the court, the court is not the next place I believe and I will never encourage it in any election.


The card reader introduced into our electoral system experienced some hitches during the exercise; do you think this should be encourage in future elections in this country?

Very interesting, the idea of introducing the new technology should be applauded and encouraged in spite of the fact that it recorded failure in some cases and those who never wanted it to be used where put to shame. It helped to check electoral fraud and the issue of over voting, so I believe with the needed time it will be improved upon for better effect. This is why even the finger print of President Goodluck Jonathan was rejected, telling him that “Change” has come to stay.