Eze Festus Odimegwu
Eze Festus Odimegwu


Former National Population Commission (NPC) boss, Eze Festus Odimegwu has said the late Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mallam Abba Kyari failed in his duty to speak truth to power and he told him so.

Odimegwu, former Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc who was reacting to the death of Mallam Kyari said, “Humanity runs on an Infinite Continuum of Beingness, but of Three Main Levels or Categories !!!!

“1. The Animal Man, basic evolved Homo Sapiens, driven by sub-concious auto-Instincts & Dark Shadows of Jungian Archetypes & Maslow’s Physiological “stomach Infrastructure”, at infancy, that if it persists in adulthood, signifies arrested evolution or stunted intelligence.

“2. The Demonic Representation, on the fast evolutionary trajectory along the “Axis of Evil”, hell bound.

“3. The Representatives of the “Divinity of Humanity” on the evolutionary path to realise the Purpose of Existence, to its Ultimate Pure Intelligence Form, encoded in the Immortality, Raddiance and Absolute Happiness of All of Existence, in this our One Cosmos, a real form of heaven on earth, paradise lost regained, eastern nirvana metaphors.”

According to him, “From my interview report of 18th January 2020 in The Niche Online and later Vanguard Newspapers, it was certain that Abba Kyari belongs to the 2nd category of humans. The facts speak for themselves. Truth matters.

“One’s education, experience and intentions, all show through what one does on a daily basis. Actions speak louder than words, thoughts, reasons, emotions, instincts, pretences, mirror & smoke rhetorics, purple prose painting of fiction, etc, etc.

“Creation is BY ACTION !!!! What one REALLY DO DAILY. Abba Kyari failed and I told him so, a year after the Buhari mis-adventure in democratic governance. Which I did as a duty, being involved in certain ways.

“In any moment of truth, light and darkness can never meet.

“Evil is evil. Good is good. Irrespective of semantics of language and puerile reasons for them. Public service is for public service. Not for personal family & friendship rewards and compensation. And even if done for that, when the actions deviate from basic principles of decency and justice, one should resign, if not to be an accomplice. Anything to the contrary misses the essential aspects of leadership essence & purpose.

“Life is deeper than most can ever comprehend.

“And covid19 may yet NUDGE Humanity out of their mostly silly spins, particularly the Western World that has being messing up since they became the late comers to civilisation.

“The Self-Regulation of Nature, demands knowledge, and its ethical compatibilism, if life will persist.

“The Cosmos has being there, since eternity, in its cycles; the current Viruses 4billion years before Man; none of them can miss man, if he destroys himself out of ignorance and/or in allowing its worst forms, to continue to mess up.

“There is a limit to everything or severe consequences, as the evolution of the quantum energy-mass equivalence, fully Conserved, matches on.”


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