The fear that Nollywood, the nation’s entertainment industry will be dumped under the incoming government of General Muhammed Buhari because of its massive support to President Jonathan before and during the elections may have been allayed.

This followed the assertions of Buhari’s vice, Professor Osinbajo during the week at a forum that the industry and its works will be protected from the monstrous hands of pirates to enable it achieve the desired goals.

Since the pendulum swung over to the retired general’s side under the All Progressives Congress platform, many of the industry’s players have been singing the Nunc Dimitis to government’s continued assistance for obvious reasons.

In a recent interview with Hallmark Life, for instance, one of the industry’s top acts, Pete Edochie remarked that majority of the industry’s routed for Jonathan and as a result stated that; ‘’Buhari may dump Nollywood but if he doesn’t, we will work with him…’’

He however noted that if that happens, it will not affect them so much since they’ve always succeeded through self efforts.

Others equally saw it from the same perspective and have actually been preparing for a new beginning before Professor Osinbajo’s reassuring presence and speech.

President Jonathan, aside from approving an enabling grant to enable the players to produce their works, has always been visible at all the industry’s events and many of them still maintain that he gave them the face to get to where they are today.