”We don’t expect miracle, they’re the same’’

All is well that ends well. But much as the now finally- concluded 2015 elections have become history (won and lost) with the usual skirmishes here and there, the memories will surely linger for a long time to come.

For many, however, the outcome of the elections does not really cut an ice with them. What mattered to them, as some of them put it, ”is that it has come and gone, so we can have a rest of mind. We know that the new gladiators have not come to effect any meaningful change as they claim,” they say.

After the final round last Saturday, many hangouts, beer parlours and night clubs were filled to capacity but it was not to celebrate the victory of Mr. Dick or Tom but to ease off the tension that has gripped them for quite some time now.

”I did my best by exercising my franchise, that’s the much I could but I didn’t do it for any favour or expect that there will be any miracle from them. They are all the same, selfishly unrepentant,” Lawrence Okebula, a businessman added.