Lagos govt announces traffic diversion ahead of APC rally on Saturday
Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State governor

Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has said leakage of unauthorized version of the report of the state’s EndSARS panel on police brutality has generated tension and reopened “healed wounds.”

Sanwo-Olu who spoke for the first time about the report since it leaked shortly after it was submitted to the state government on November 15 during a press conference on Tuesday, said he set up the panel with best intentions and never made any attempt to interfere with its findings.

“In the aftermath of what happened on October 20, 2020, I decided to expand the mandate of the Panel to include investigating what really happened at the Lekki Tollgate that night,” he said.

“As a matter of good faith and a sincere commitment to uncovering the truth, we constituted a panel of individuals that we believed were independent, credible, and representative of the various stakeholder community interested in the movement against police brutality.

“Apart from the Chairman of the panel being a respected retired jurist, various stakeholders including the youths, #EndSars protesters, the police and civil society groups were represented on the panel.

“I am sure no member of the panel can claim that the state government made any attempt to influence them in any way throughout the duration of its sitting.”

Sanwo-Olu commended the work done by members of the panel, but regretted the leakage of what he described as “unauthorized version” of their report.

“While I commend the panel for undertaking its task to the best of its abilities, it is however regrettable that the panel’s work and the leakage of an unauthorized version of the report have generated much tension. Sadly, a deep wound has been reopened,” the governor said.

“The heated exchanges among various shades of opinion on the report have unfortunately put us all at the risk of missing the larger picture; the fact that what we all seek in common is a land in which we are all safe and secure, law enforcement agents are trusted, and justice is guaranteed for all.

“As I have stated earlier, we have no intention to engage in histrionics or further inflame passion on a matter that has generated intense interest and controversy nationally and internationally. Our decisions and actions will be based entirely on the law, the weight of evidence and an unblemished respect for the truth.”


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