Deji Adeleke to brother: I ‘ll criticize you if you derail as governor
Deji Adeleke, Ademola Adeleke

Deji Adeleke, Pro Chancellor of Adeleke University, has told his brother and Osun State governor-elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke, that he won’t hesitate to criticize him if he derails from the development agenda promised the people.

Deji, father of Davido, popular musician, while speaking at the 8th undergraduate and 4th postgraduate convocation of the University, said the governor-elect has no reason to fail the people that trusted him with the mandate.

He added that he has counselled him (Ademola) and his team that anyone whose interest is to steal state resources must be allowed to make the cabinet.

“I told the governor elect (my brother) and his colleagues that they are lucky because they do not have any godfather to refund any money to, so whatever people contributed for the election is contribution and it’s a sacrifice for a better Nigeria, for a better State, so the governor-elect and his colleagues are not under any pressure, the only thing they need to do out there is to go and serve the people,” he said.

“And I threatened them that I will be the first to call the press conference if I see things going wrong with his government, I will be the first to alert the world that your governor has derailed. I’ve also told him and his team not to allow anyone that is not ready to serve, anyone that his focus is to come and look for money to steal from the poor people (Osun is a very poor state) into the team”.

While counselling the new graduates, he urged them to live an accountable life in order to hold leaders accountable for their acts in public offices.

According to him, we just held an election in Osun State, forty-five polling units disappeared, young NYSC presiding officers did not show up in their designated polling units, meanwhile people were waiting to vote but the material, result sheet and BIVAS machine was taken to somewhere else.

“Untill a Director started calling to make sure that those people reported to where they are supposed to, otherwise my brother wouldn’t have been the governor-elect today. And those who allowed themselves to be used were NYSC young people, it’s not Commissioners in INEC, people blame INEC but forgotten that it is the young ones that have been entrusted in this responsibility are the one wrecking their (your) own future. Because if you cannot hold a government accountable then we don’t have any future in this country.

“So please our young ones, do remember what you’re taught here, remember that the future of this country depends on you, seize up that future, make sure you register to vote, make sure that any government you don’t want or that is not serving right in your constituency is voted out, do not participate in bringing down this country, participate in all things that will bring up this country to the desired country that you want”, he said.

In his convocation speech, the Vice Chancellor, Professor, Solomon Adebola said 25 of the graduates bagged first class degree honours, 468 bagged second class upper, 260 had second class lower while only 9 graduated with third class.

He added that the University graduated 28 Ph.D students, 55 with Master’s degrees, one with MPhil Ph.D and three students of Post Graduate Diploma (PGD).


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