2023: Why Osinbajo is Nigeria's best choice - Adepọju, Convener, Nigerians Ask 4 Osinbajo
Kolawole Adepoju

Engineer Kolawole Adepoju is the National Coordinator of Nigeria Ask4 Osinbajo, one of the main support groups prodding Osinbajo to join presidential race. In this interview with Business Hallmark’s Adebayo Obajemu, he bares his mind on the Osinbajo project, 2023 election among others.


Why did you come up with Nigerians Ask4 for Osinbajo group? What is the motivation, the driving force?

If you look around, you will observe that our country needs a reset, the kind of reset that will put our society on the path of growth; economic growth, prosperity for the nation and individuals; discipline and decorum in our national life. We need a new orientation that will take us away from the moral rot we currently are witnessing, an orientation that will usher in a revamp of education, culture such that sanity will return to the society and the country can breath fresh air of prosperity, national rebirth, and looking around the political space , i find vice president Osinbajo attractive as the kind of man that can drive this project of national rebirth for so many reasons.

What are the reasons?

As acting president, we all knew how active he was, how he was able to thaw the tensions in the land, visited many parts of the country. He showed himself as national leader. Besides, his record in Lagos as commissioner for Justice and Attorney General is there for everyone to see.

He has been a loyal ally of the president, and he quietly works behind the scenes. He is largely a workaholic who believes in achieving results.

He revolutionized the justice department and brought many good innovations to the dispensation of justice such that Lagos has remained a model up till today. His achievements are inexhaustible, if we begin to talk about them

Given the complexity of Nigerian problems, economic, social, political, and others, do you think Osinbajo is sufficiently qualified to lead Nigeria to the promised land?

I have stated this earlier, among those that have indicated interest, i have not seen anyone better qualified than vice president Osinbajo. Don’t forget we are talking of commitment and genuine vision to turn around the country for good; we are not talking about politicking for the benefits of politicians, we are talking about moving the country forward. No one is in doubt that Osinbajo is the man.

Given the groundswell of public angst against the All Progressives Congress, do you think the party can win the 2023 presidential election?

I honestly believe that the party will coast home to victory. When you talk of public angst it is relative, besides, we don’t have short memory in this country, we can not forget in hurry the 16 years of waste, the locust years under the PDP successive administrations.

In many respects, the APC government has made a difference. Look at infrastructural renewal, railway, road constructions, and the ease of doing business among others. Though security may be cited as a big challenge, yes, the administration is tackling it. We will get there. Insecurity is a global challenge. Besides, security is not only the exclusive preserve of government, we should all be moved, especially in the area of intelligence gathering.

How confident are you about vice president Yemi Osinbajo winning the APC party primary?

I’m confident because the party believes in him, they see him as their hope of winning the 2023 election. You cannot dump a winning formula.

Osinbajo has been part of the current administration battling insecurity with limited success, so what new innovation is Osinbajo bringing on board to warrant Nigerians giving their votes to him?

I have said it earlier that insecurity is a global phenomenon, it is not a Nigerian thing. Besides, this administration more than any other has equipped the military better, and we can see that the current efforts of the military have degraded the Boko Haram in the northeast, and efforts are ongoing to end banditry.

The president Nigeria needs- given the economic meltdown we have- should be one that understands economy. Osinbajo, being a lawyer, can he successfully drive the country to economic prosperity?

Governance is about method and strategies; it is about positioning the right people in right places. Don’t forget that Osinbajo is the head of the economic team of the current administration. Osinbajo presidency will revamp the economy, he is at home with the business people at different levels.

Osinbajo apart from being vice president is a relatively green horn in politics, what are his chances to emerge APC presidential candidate?

As I have earlier said the party believes in him and this is with solid basis anchored on his past achievements, and what he’s currently doing as vice president. He will win the primary.

Osinbajo’s former boss, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is also in the race. Don’t you think this development will adversely affect Osibajo’s chances?

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is one of the greatest Nigerians, a man i have tremendous respect for. Having said that i don’t believe one can come up with the opinion that Tinubu’s interest is going to eclipse Osinbajo’s, no. The sky is wide enough for different birds to soar.

You are a diehard Osinbajo’s supporter, what is your group doing to actualise your dream of seeing him succeed president Buhari?

We have our game plan. Wait and let him make the public declaration first.

If he emerges the presidential candidate of APC, the possibility of Post primary crisis is high, given the high number of political heavyweights that have indicated interest in running for president, how would that play out on his chances against PDP candidate?

There would be no crisis. The party is mature whatever you’re witnessing today as minor misunderstanding will fizzle out. I can tell you that the party will resolve what looks like internal wrangling. It is normal in politics for such to happen.

If he emerges presidential candidate, what are the plans of your group with regard to ensuring that Osinbajo defeats the opposition candidates?

Right now, we are sensitizing the people of the imperative of voting for vice president Osinbajo. We have our people on ground in every state of the federation who are doing wonderful work in the area of creating awareness around brand Osinbajo. Our people are really passionate and committed about this Osinbajo project, and our members have been using their time and resources and contacts to get people to buy into the Osinbajo project.

After the primary, hopefully he will emerge, we will start proper mobilisation for the vice president, what we are going to do we are still keeping it to our chest.

What is the social demographics of your members?

Our members cut across all the social strata of the society, we have artisans, professionals and the academia and the business community who really believe in Osinbajo, and these people cut across the geopolitical zones. It is really amazing how Nigerians are buying into the project. This has energized us to up our game in terms of mobilisation.

Don’t you think that the primary of the party is going to be tough ,and given the calibre of those who have indicated interest and those rumoured to be interested such as transport minister Rotimi Amaechi, can you say in all honesty that Osinbajo will win the primary?

I have stated this earlier that vice president Yemi Osinbajo is the man of the moment, i can honestly tell you that from our research based on months of painstaking research and interaction, Osinbajo will win the election. I’m absolutely sure of this.

Of the contenders, I can’t see anyone of them that can defeat the vice president, Osinbajo.


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