Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s incumbent Vice-President sure needs all the prayers that he can get at the moment.

A professor of law, former Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State and pastor within the Redeemed Christian Church of God, those who know him say he is a gentleman and indeed one Nigerian that can be trusted to do his best for his country.

This writer’s first interaction with Osinbajo was in the course of his service as Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State. Within that tenure, yours truly who then lived in Oregun, Lagos State had received some summons from the Office of the Defender, one of the institutions set up by Osinbajo as Commissioner for Justice, to provide alternative dispute resolution for Lagos residents.

The particulars of the case in question had to do with a landlord who wanted to summarily evict the writer from his premises on the stated ground that he wanted to renovate the building while in reality all that he wanted was to raise the rent! Osinbajo’s team intervened and very professionally mediated in such a way that yours truly kept his accommodation while the landlord got some raise.

His next encounter with Osinbajo had to do with the latter coming over as a guest of the Men’s Fellowship of the House on the Rock Church in Lagos to speak on issues relating to integrity and doing business as a Christian in today’s Nigeria. That event was held at the Federal Palace hotel and also featured Dr. Christopher Kolade as a second resource person. Instructively, the Professor spoke to the subject and many participants left the venue refreshed.

Beyond these, he had also encountered him now and again on the pages of newspapers, the Covenant Christian Centre’s ‘Platform’ events, the campaign circuit for the 2015 presidential polls and now as Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And in most of these appearances, Osinbajo’s talk has not only been upbeat, it has been largely good. So why does he need the prayers we are canvassing at this moment? We will tell you.

Today, Osinbajo stands in a very difficult position as a bride that is betrothed to three suitors! And the Christian that he is, he would be familiar with the Bible reference: ‘you cannot serve two masters!’

Politically, Osinbajo’s master is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presently estranged ‘national leader’ of the All Progressives Congress, APC. His second master is Muhammadu Buhari, the incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that he was elected on March 28 by Nigerian voters to work alongside. And third, he has the Lord Jesus Christ who watches over his soul and also called him to serve as a pastor under his under-shepherd, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.

With unanimity of purpose and commitment to a common purpose, there should really be no issues on the table. But there is nothing presently to indicate that the values of Tinubu, Buhari and the Lord Jesus Christ are in concord. ‘And can two (three more like it in this instance), work together except they agree?’ So you understand why the prayers are needed.

However, Osinbajo’s task is really not a hopeless one. On the contrary this writer is much persuaded that if he juggles his cards correctly, he would yet come out as one that will do his bit in the Nigerian reconstruction story.

To achieve this outcome, he must begin from a dispassionate analysis of the situation in which he is presently enmeshed. Politically, his leader remains Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He must continue to show allegiance to him on this score. At the governance plain, his boss is Muhammadu Buhari. He must also be totally loyal and supportive of him.

As things stand, in carrying out his schedules and relating with these two bosses he is already getting to testy crossroads. This is where his third boss, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom he must always emplace at all times as a super-boss, comes in. In all circumstances, He alone must lead. And this Osinbajo must always live by no matter the costs.

And there could be costs, humanly speaking. Bola Tinubu may complain that he is not getting enough political support from him. Buhari may aver that he is giving too much support to Tinubu. To all of these, Osinbajo simply has to ensure that he does what he knows to be right and gives to all of his Caesars what belongs to them. But to God he must give his all. That is how his illustrious predecessors on this thorny path – the Josephs, Davids and Daniels – survived. And here also lies his path to safety; and glory


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