OPC leader warns youths to keep away from criminality




The Oyo State Deputy Coordinator of the Gani Adams Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) Comrade Adekola Murtala Ifawale, has called on the government at all levels to intensify efforts towards empowering the youths with programmes and activities that would discourage them from going into crime.

The OPC leader who made this call during a chat with Journalists, in Ibadan Oyo State capital, said the government should think about the future of many youths who are roaming the streets without gainful employments, saying that since they have nothing doing they could easily be lured into crime.

According to him, the rate of criminal activities among the youths is now very alarming, and both the states and federal governments should rise to the challenges of unemployment in the country.

He also called on private individuals and corporare bodies, to create avenues where the youths would be able to acquire skills that would be beneficial to them and the country at large.

On the challenges of insecurity that Nigeria is facing presently, comrade Ifawale said that it is time for the governments to incorporate other organizations like the OPC, hunters, and vigilantes into the security architecture especially at the local level where they would be used effectively, in policing their environments.

On the threat of herdsmen terrorising people in some parts of the South West, Ifawale said it was time for all the Yoruba leaders and traditional rulers to hold a crucial meeting on how the region would be able to face ‘the impending invasion of the herdsmen.’

He pointed out that he was sure the OPC National leader and the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land Iba Gani Adams, must be working with the South West governors, leaders and traditional rulers on the steps that would be taken to ensure that the region is adequately protected from any foreign invasion and how to safeguard lives and properties of the people.

The OPC leader who also reacted to the alleged clash at the Olomi Area of Ibadan which occurred between the Gani Adams led OPC and the New Era OPC, led by the expelled former coordinator of Gani Adams OPC in Oyo State, Comrade Rotimi Olumo, alleged that it was Olumo’s group that unleashed terror on his men while they were performing the Ogun Ajobo festival peacefully, on the invitation of Ajadi Oluyole Afobaje, who is a peace loving man.

According to Ifawale, “as we were busy with the ceremony, some thugs just stormed the venue and started howling stones on them and brandishing dangerous weapons. This made all of us to scamper to safety. Also in the process many people were injured and taken to the hospital.”

While praising the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde for his efforts in alleviating the sufferings of the people, he also called on him to ensure that those involved in the Olomi crisis be brought to book.

“While I will call on the governor and the security agencies to warn Olumo and his group from disrupting the peace of the citizens of Oyo State, I will also want Olumo to stop intimidating and harassing members of the Gani Adam’s OPC because he has been expelled from the group and has since joined a different group, which the Gani Adams OPC has nothing to do with”

Asked why the sudden enmity between Olumo and the OPC leader Gani Adams, Ifawale said, “I think it was due to the selfishness of Olumo and his not being willing to accept the Are Onakakanfo as his leader. He trusted him and based on the trust, he made him the coordinator but at the end of the day he betrayed Iba Gani Adams”

Comrade Ifawale, who recently alleged that he was defrauded of over N4million by a law maker in Oyo State said leaders in Nigeria should stop being deceitful to the people they are governing.

According to him “it is because our leaders are deceitful that Nigeria is witnessing backwardness. You can’t inmagine politicians while seeking peoples votes would promise heaven and earth, and after getting what they want, the people would realise that they have been deceived because they would fail to keep to their promises.’

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