Wife kicks as Abuja court adjourns ruling on Tigran Gambaryan’s bail to May 17



Yuki Gambaryan, wife of Tigran Gambaryan, a Binance official being tried in Nigeria for tax evasion, has kicked against the decision of the Federal High Court in Abuja to adjourn hearing on his bail application till May 17.

The judgment for Tigran Gambaryan’s bail hearing was on Tuesday adjourned to May 17th 2024, which will be after the trial for the allegations brought against him begins.

This means he will continue to stay at Kuje prison until then. May 17th is Tigran’s 40th birthday.

On April 5th, the Chief Magistrate ruled that the original remand order to hold Tigran and his colleague Nadeem Anjarwalla expired on March 12th 2024 and was not renewed.

This, according to the wife, serves as confirmation that their detention after the remand order expired on March 12th and before the charges were filed on 22 March 2024 was unlawful.

Tigran pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him on April 8th. His trial starts on May 2nd.

Speaking after the court decision,Yuki said, “There is no justice in what is being done to my husband. I am in a constant state of grief and anxiety, not knowing what other injustice he is going to be put through. It is outrageous that Tigran, an innocent man, continues to be kept in a prison cell and the ruling on his bail will not be made until after the trial starts. It looks like he will spend his 40th birthday in prison. This is just pure cruelty.”



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