Rescue of kidnapped CUSTECH students; No law made the military superior to police



“Check the records; there has never been an undisciplined person who was a champion. Regardless of the field of endeavour, you’ll find this to be true” – Zig Ziglar

Before the January 15, 1966, coup, which was the beginning of military incursion into politics, the police had more authority than soldiers.

Also, before the first military coup, soldiers were taking instructions from the police. Whenever anything happened, they came to the police because they had more authority under the law and had more responsibilities.

Suddenly, when the military toppled the government of the federation, they divested the police of all its powers and arrogated it to themselves.

It was from that moment that they started intimidating the police. No matter anybody’s rank in the police, the military men think they are superior to that person.

I recall how Jacob Daniel, a police inspector, was killed during a clash between operatives of the Nigerian army and police officers in Adamawa.

A statement signed by Suleiman Nguroje, Adamawa police spokesperson, said Daniel was killed after some soldiers attacked the police command headquarters in Yola North LGA of the state.

The statement said the officer died during the exchange of gunfire between the two sets of security operatives.

The Command spokesperson said the soldiers had stormed the police headquarters over a conflict with some officers at the Target Junction in Yola North LGA.

I condemned the disgraceful incident from the Nigerian Army especially the silence of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TA Lagbaja and commended the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa for his intervention and visitation to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Olukayode Adeolu Egbetokun at the Force Headquarters, Louis Edet House, Abuja.

On Sunday, 2nd June 2024, I got a press release from the Kwara State Police Command confirming the rescue of the kidnapped students of Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) Osara in Kogi State.

I was happy to read that the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Police Command, CP Victor Olaiya acted promptly by mobilizing tactical teams from the Command alongside tactical teams from the Force Headquarters, Abuja, Police Hi-Tech Intelligence assets, the Military and Local Vigilantes in a bid to rescue the victims.

Known for his top priority in ensuring safer schools across the length and breadth of the country, the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun deployed the Air Wing Crew to conduct aerial surveillance with the aid of a helicopter.

I am aware that the Police Air Wing has been assiduously monitoring the forest around Ifelodun L.G.A where these criminals stationed for several days rendering the abductors incapacitated.

Also, the sustained combined efforts of the Police, the office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), the Military, and Local Vigilantes, led to the successful rescue of 8 students, 5 female and 3 male students.

My major sadness is the unprofessional and disrespectful attitude displayed by soldiers who stormed the Oro-Ago Police Division in three operational vehicles overpowered the police operatives and forcefully took custody of the rescued students without proper handing over.


I sometimes wonder if the soldiers are involved in the kidnapping incidents because why the hurry to take away the rescued victims without proper documentation?

Is it even the place of the Soldiers to hold in custody of rescued victims or the Nigeria police whose aim is the apprehension of offenders; the preservation of law and order, the protection of life and property and the due enforcement of laws and regulations with which they are directly charged?

Military discipline is not just about following orders or having a training program. It’s about doing the right thing for the right reason, at the right time, and with the right attitude.

Military discipline teaches you how to set goals, prioritize tasks, and take responsibility for your actions.

It is high time President Tinubu charges the military to respect the rule of law, remain loyal and uphold the tenets of military discipline and professionalism at all times.

Adewole Kehinde is the publisher of Swift Reporters and can be reached via 08166240846, email: kennyadewole@gmail.com


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