Prof. Adeniyi to speak at National Waves’ 16th anniversary lecture



As part of the activity marking National Waves’16th anniversary, the Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies, Baze University, Abuja, Professor Abiodun Adeniyi will deliver a lecture at Merit House Abuja on June 6, to grace the occasion according to the publisher, Mr. Jimmy Enyeh, are eminent Nigerians, top media personalities and academics.

Titled “Nigerian Tertiary Education and Institutions, Competing With Foreign Counterparts”

Enyeh said The media as information source has done well in keeping the citizens abreast of developments in our polity be it politics, economy, education, social structure, entertainment and others. The business of informing the public has always come with its risk, given the adversarial relationship between power elite and journalists as a result of the latter mediating the social contract which is often kept in breach by power -that- be at every point in our political history.

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