‘OurMumuDondo’: Adeyanju, Charly Boy part ways over bribery allegation




A former social media spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Deji Adeyanju has quit ‘OurMumuDondo’ group which he co-founded with Charly Boy last year.

He has released an audio clip which he said exposed “disgraceful collusion between Charly Boy and the Nigerian government,” the same authority he blames for his ongoing ordeal as a murder suspect.

A short audio clip obtained by Sahara Reporters appeared to carry a furious discussion between Mr Adeyanju and Charly Boy —whose real name is Charles Oputa — during which Charly Boy seemingly corroborated suspicion that he had been in touch with Festus Keyamo while Mr Adeyanju was locked away in Kano over a homicide probe that was concluded in 2009.

Charly Boy could also be heard suggesting that he received financial support from Mr Keyamo while Mr Adeyanju was in custody, but swiftly added that there was no sinister background to the gift. Mr Adeyanju said the money was paid to Charly Boy to attack Atiku Abubakar ahead of the presidential election.

Mr Adeyanju was released from prison on March 1, after spending 78 days behind bars on a murder claim that rights activists said marked a fresh low in the deployment of state resources to stifle and general dissent.

Adeyanju had worked closely with Charly Boy to propel ‘Concerned Nigerians’ and ‘OurMumuDonDo’ as some of the most visible community organising entities around the Nigerian capital. Both groups shot into the limelight in 2017, after President Buhari’s extended medical vacation in England became a trending cause for national concern.

Together, they held several rallies to highlight government shortcomings in human rights, anti-corruption, accountability, transparency and other critical issues of civic space.

Adeyanju took to twitter to lash out at the ‘area father’ yesterday. In a series of tweets he revealed that Charly Boy received money from the federal government in order to support President Muhammadu Buhari for re-election and attack Atiku Abubakar who was the presidential candidate of the PDP.

Adeyanju wrote: “I didn’t want to respond or ever say a word about my withdrawal from Our Mumu Don Do but going through this vanguard report, I must now clear the air.

“Charly Boy is the number one Mumu in Nigeria. He compromised by collecting money from the government while i was locked up in prison by the oppressors. He collected money from them to do a video against the main opposition candidate -Atiku and also to stop attacking Buhari.

“When I confronted him -Charly Boy with the evidence, he confessed to collecting money from them but said he didn’t collect the money to do a video against Atiku but they gave him the money as support. I dare him to deny this allegation. I have the recording of his confession.

“Imagine after all the sacrifices, someone will just be going round collecting money in the name of the movement. Huge disappointment. A fraud. The stories are just too many”

Charly Boy simply replied via twitter by saying “When a Father sits in Silence, it’s because he is a Fada. Deji, me and you know weytin dey worry you wey you no fit tell your fans. Nevertheless, I still love you, Try mellow on your break dancing my Son.”


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