Abia indigenes hail Alex Otti’s APC move




The decision of former bank CEO and two-time governorship aspirant in Abia state, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, to join the country’s ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) has continued to elicit positive reactions from the people of the state who say it would mark the beginning of a new era in the state’s politics.

Dr. Otti who ran for governor in 2015 and 2019 under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APGA) recently declared for the APC, citing poor leadership and lack of ambition in APGA.
A number of Abia indigenes who spoke in separate interviews with Business Hallmark hailed the the ex banker’s, describing it as the beginning of a new dawn.

“Dr. Otti’s decision to join APC is a positive development. It is one that will change the political landscape of Abia State for the better, I believe,” noted Mr. Okey Kanu a political observer and analyst.

“He (Otti) is an accomplished technocrat who has had two shots at the governorship position in the state. I believe his declaration for APC will make the APC a more vibrant opposition party in Abia State. And of course, where there is competition, there is always the tendency that outcomes will be better. To that extent, I believe his membership of the APC is a positive development indeed,” Kanu noted.

Speaking in similar fashion, a community leader in Ukwa, Ogbuefi Emma Okojo noted that the news of Otti’s defection brought happiness into his heart.

“Dr. Otti’s decision to join APC is the beginning of a new dawn in Abia State. I tell you, we have been looking forward to it. You know he has made some mistakes in the past by remaining with those APGA people who are not even together with themselves,” Okojo said.

“The day we heard that he has joined the APC, everyone heaved a sign of relief. We were so happy. We are now looking forward to a better Abia State. The way things are going in the state, nobody is happy. And I’m glad that Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is there to guide him. I saw them together where they went for an occasion, I was so happy. We are are now looking forward to better days in Abia.”

Also speaking, Emeka Anyaegbu, an Aba based business man said the defection will further strengthen the opposition to the People’s Democratic Party in the state and the ‘cabal’ that has held it hostage for over 20 years.

“Yes, we welcome any move that will strengthen opposition in the state and Otti’s decision will certainly do that,” he said.

“It known to everyone that Abia has been badly governed for more than two decades now. Personally, I like Dr. Otti and will support him wherever he is. His decision to join the APC I believe will galvanise the opposition and ensure that power is is taken from the current hijackers of Abia State.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Otti who will officially declare for the ruling party in his ward on Friday, yesterday, issued a statement explaining why he decided to pitch tent with the party.

He said his decision to move from APGA to APC was one that was made after a very thorough consideration and broad consultation with many stakeholders at the state and national levels

“My dear brothers and Sisters,
I want to use this medium to personally update those of you who have steadfastly travelled with me on this journey towards the emancipation of our homeland, on developments around our collective struggle. My preference would have been to make this presentation to you in person but for the current Covid 19 restrictions on large assemblies,” he said.

“It is no longer a secret that the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA as a political platform is no longer viable as a vehicle to drive towards the liberation of our state from the clutches of the entrenched hegemony that has held us in bondage. I must say that the party has lost its meaning at both the national and state levels. It is this sad development that informed my earlier decision to leave the party. Consequently, I have devoted a lot of time in supplication and reflection on the way forward, I invariably came to the conclusion that the best move will be to find anchor in a party that will provide a more viable structure and capacity for the realization of our goals, hence my decision to join the All Progressive Peoples Congress (APC).

“My decision to move from APGA to APC was one that was made after a very thorough consideration and broad consultation with many stakeholders at the state and national levels. I want to make it clear at this point that my motivation to move to APC is not necessarily borne out of personal ambition, but my conviction that we need to join forces with the most potent opposition in the state to help dislodge the cabal that has turned our collective patrimony into their private estates. We will support any candidates that emerges as the party’s flag bearers in future elections.


“I am specially grateful to all of you for your support so far and I will continue to solicit your involvement and commitments even more in the journey ahead. The need for our collective action has become even more imperative now than ever before. Our work is not done, in fact, it just started.

“At this point, I will like to inform you that I will be declaring formally for APC in my ward on Friday 14, August 2020. This is going to be a small event with the party executive and officials. I will continue to update you as we journey through the challenges ahead.

“Let me at this point appeal to you to continue to stay safe and to observe expert advice on personal actions to prevent the spread of Covid 19,” he concluded.

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