A Week That Was, By Michael Ovienmhada



From about 1600, Great Britain established a trading outpost in India. It was called the British East India Trading Company. Rich in spices and textiles, coupled with a large population, no wonder India was referred to as the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire.

A simple handshake for mutual benefit through trade gradually evolved into a grip on the elbow, and eventually, a knee on the neck from about 1858, when full blown imperialism was unilaterally imposed on India by Great Britain.

The playbook was the same all over the world. In Nigeria, they began with the Royal Niger Trading Company, and then, bogus treaties creating Protectorates, culminating in those entities becoming colonies until the amalgamation of 1914.

Credit must be given to Great Britain, a small country, which, with a population of 16 million people in the 1850s prevailed over India with over 200 million people in the same period.

How did they do it?

At its apogee, Great Britain presided over half a billion people covering over 30 million square miles, when the population of the world was not even up to 1 billion. Nothing could have been more apt therefore than the boastfulness—the sun never sets on the British Empire, but—-

Well, one of the great secrets of creation is time: The March of time. In the effluxion of time, kings become beggars and beggars become kings; Princes walk; Beggars ride; Robbers become Nobles; Nobles, bask in old glory; Vagabonds become princes; Princes become drug addicts.

As time grinds, the world turns, the order changes. Today, the great, great, great grandson of a former colony presides at No, 10 Downing.

It is the doing of the Lord, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Meanwhile, in the United States, as midterm elections are in full swing, control of the House and Senate is up in the air. On the minds of voters, are pocketbook issues. If that holds firm, then, the Republicans should take both chambers, thus rendering comatose, the remaining two years of the Biden presidency.

Lame duck is the word. Should we then begin to prepare for Trump, Act 2?

Beyond anything else however, a worrisome problem has crept into the American political process— the concept of ‘rigged elections’ when a candidate loses. We are yet to appreciate the magnitude of the rabbit hole this would lead in years ahead.

Time is of the essence as the war continues to grind in Ukraine. The race is on for Kherson to fall to Ukraine as Bakhmut may fall to the Russians in a bid by either antagonists to choke off supply lines of the other. It is on this that the war could turn as a Republican run Congress may not be as fully disposed to supporting Ukraine, full throttle. A change of batons in Congress may signal a period of change in the direction of the war as Ukraine may be left to hang out and dry in the sun.

In other matters, I must say, I am yet not able to get a grasp of the full implications of Climate Change. In what direction is it changing? In several parts of the world, we see drought. In others, we see excess rain, resulting in unprecedented flooding submerging whole towns and cities, disrupting logistics and sweeping away swathes of crops.

As the food crisis deepens, supply problems exacerbate, inflation worsens, and unrest takes hold, it must be tough for even the most optimistic pundits to see a better world in the days ahead.

I think the word is gloom, darkness, and despair before it gets better.


The biggest news of the week, in the magnitude of a bombshell was—-you guessed it. Tom Brady, and Giselle are divorcing! We are saddened, but that’s life. We wish their children well.

In other trending news, Western nations have issued a terror alert about impending invasion of Abuja. It would appear that the forces bent on riding the Tiger in Nigeria have forgotten that those who ride, end up in its belly.

Nigeria praevalebit, (shall prevail).

As you begin a new week, may Adonai, King of the universe guide your steps that you may not stumble.

Michael (O’meekey) Ovienmhada.
Author, Poet, Playwright, and Public Affairs Commentator.

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