A political activist and IT expert, Comrade Kehinde Okeowo has decried the burning of his house by suspected political thugs on Thursday 2nd of August 2017  over his refusal to compromise his political ambition. It would be recalled that Okeowo used to be a staunch member of the PDP before defecting to the AD, and subsequently contested for the Agboyi Ketu LCDA vice Chairmanship seat under the platform of the AD on the 22nd of July 2017.
Okeowo, who is also one of the leaders of Stand Up Against Corrupt Politicians (SACP) movement, said his refusal to accept the declaration of the APC candidate, Mayor Dele Oshinowo, as the winner of the LCDA election was responsible for his plight.
“Shortly after the election, I got series of calls and text messages threatening to kill me and my family if refused to drop my protest against the ruling party in the state.” According to him, he reported the phone threats to the Area F Mile 12 Police station, as well as the several attacks on him during the local government election campaign which he reported at the Area G police station.
Okeowo explained that initially he wasn’t bothered by the threats, but had to soft-pedal when his party’s chairmanship candidate, Ogunsanya Onanuga Olatunji was brutally murdered by unknown assassins few days after the election.
“We made a formal report to the Area G, Police Station, Alapere, Lagos State on the 13th of June, 2017. I guess the police is not ready to step on the ruling party’s toes because as we speak, nobody has been arrested in connection with the murder,” he said.
He said after the gruesome murder of Olatunji, he was advised to stay of the radar pending when those responsible for Olatunji’s death would be arrested by the police.
“It was while waiting for the police to conclude their investigations that my house in Ketu area of Lagos was burgled and burnt down,” he added.
“Even after the destruction of my home, the thugs as I later learnt were still boasting that they would not rest until they see me dead. I have tried in several ways to get those I suspected arrested but all my efforts remained in vain
“At the moment I cannot move freely, or even disclosed where I stay for fear of being killed. I’m appealing to the federal government to intervene and save my life and those of my family from imminent death,” he added. Confirming the incident, one of the community leaders in Ketu, Pastor Kunle Adejare said the hoodlums came in the night brandishing dangerous weapons.
“We put a call through to the police station in Ketu, however, didn’t show up until in the morning when the house had been burnt down and residents of the area harassed,” he said. Adejare also called on the police to fish out those responsible for the dastardly acts, adding that it has become too common for some powerful politicians in the state to go after innocent people simply because they are on opposing sides politically. When contacted, spokesman for the APC in Ketu, Samson Adelaja, denied the allegations by Okeowo, describing him as an amateur in politics. “The matter is with the police, so I don’t want to say much, but I can say is that all the allegations against my party is false, and I dare him to come out and prove it,” he added.


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