Pastor Tobi Adegboyega



A Nigerian Pastor in London has appealed to more philanthropists and captains of industries in Great Britain to assist Nigerian youths out of their unemployment problems which have led to the upsurge of crime and criminality in the country.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega of SPAC Nation,London made the appeal while addressing the large congregation of SPAC Nation after his visit to top government functionaries in London.

The Pastor who is in his late thirties, asserted in a statement that, ” Great Britain has to be a Shepherd amongst shepherds. And Great Britain must help Africa and Nigeria arise out of darkness again!”

He commended the well -, to – do people in that country for collaborating with SPAC Nation in its desire to better the plight of the neglected youths in that society.

“Great Britain is a nation under God and with God, on its own. This time, Nigeria and the whole of Africa are waiting for Great Britain for more than the intellectual. They are waiting for the revival that will break out from the whole of Great Britain.

“If we do not pray, we are in trouble. If you think migration is anything today, wait till there is more trouble in Nigeria. Then you will have more problems on your hands.”

He disclosed the intention of SPAC Nation London to storm Nigeria where he and his team planned to empower many gifted Nigerians in areas of job and education.

“We have got positive responses from our friends who are Managing Directors of companies and industries who have provided logistics including funds to assist in empowering Nigerian youths in the areas of job and education,” Pastor Tobi said.

He clarified that it was not about dashing out money but “providing funds to assist the gifted but poor people with good ideas but lack of capital for self employment. We shall arrange scholarship for those aspiring to educate themselves as well.”

The Pastor explained that there was no ulterior motive behind the project, stressing that it was the conviction of SPAC Nation London that the poor and the vulnerables in Africa be empowered.

According to him, the Nigerian government both at states and Federal levels could not alone solve the problems of their youths in view of other challenges.

He called on religious organisations and their leaders to rise up as SPAC Nation did in London and put smiles on the faces of many delinquents who are now blessings to their countries.

“If we can do that in the UK, we are fully prepared to replicate that in Nigeria. Well-to-do and spirit-filled leaders in the UK have promised to back us up. Nigerian youths will get their hopes restored,” he added.


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