Former Anambra State governor, Mr. Peter Obi, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to take action against those who have become notorious for killing Nigerians.

Obi who made the demand in a statement via his twitter handle @PeterObi on Thursday, regretted that Nigeria is increasingly regressing, worsened by ethnic tensions fuelled by lopsided appointments.

“For many years, corruption has remained the leitmotif of leadership failure in Nigeria. Painfully, at a time Nigeria ought to have moved on with other countries, we are still fixated on power supply, functional healthcare delivery and other essential things that ought not to be bothering us today,” Obi said.

“We are also saddled with a gross imbalance in national appointments as if others are mere spectators in Nigeria. Added to this is a lack of future for our children.

“The President can do this convincingly by immediately seeking real balance in his appointments and by taking immediate actions against those that have become notorious for killing and maiming fellow Nigerians.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us, we cannot build by destroying, especially on matters that can still be solved through dialogue. Let Nigerians be encouraged to talk among themselves now.”