Ogun PDP suspends governorship aspirant, Lawal over 'illegal primary'

By Ori Martins

A fellow Igbo brother, this afternoon, in a veiled and apparently insulting slant, and in a truculent inquisition, asked me: “What did PDP do for South East in its 16 years?” Mind you, I am not a PDP politician. I am not even a politician. I am a journalist.

Anyway, as a public commentator, I have learnt to accommodate other people’s point of view, no matter how it is presented – rightly or wrongly.

So, Where did PDP leave South East in 16 years?

The fact remains that the only prime position that PDP never prized to Ndigbo was the presidency. The reason was the sole tricky game of President Obasanjo who ought to have directed a South Easterner as then Governor Yar’Adua’s running mate but took it to South – South.

At 2007, Obasanjo had horde of friends including Ojo Maduekwe, Chukwuma Soludo, Onyema Ugochukwu, Enyinnaya Abaribe, Ken Nnamani, Chimaraoke Nnamani, Sam Egwu and few others. Yet, he never considered them worthy for the position of deputy president.

Yar’Adua died, his deputy, Jonathan, took over, ruled for six years and power went back to the north and there we are now. Jonathan did his best in reassuring Ndigbo that they are a part of the federation.

Therefore, for the first time since 1960, an Igbo, Anyim Pius, was appointed the secretary to the federal government by Jonathan. Here, Anyim brought several federal projects to Enonyi State.

It is also to the credit of President Goodluck Jonathan that, for the first time, an Igbo, Peter Ekpendu, was the DG, Prisons. He is my clansman and I know the number of our people in federal employments on account of this.

Historians and Nigerians who follow national event can confirm that since 1960, South East was without any zonal police command. Imo and Abia used to report to Calabar. Anambra to Benin while Enonyi and Enugu traveled as far as Makurdi.

It was the Obasanjo administration, a PDP government, that created the first South East Zonal Police Command in Umuahia. I am sure you know the stress for an Imolite having his case file in Calabar, Benin or Makurdi

It is imperative to point out that General Aguiyi Ironsi was brutally assassinated on July 29, 1966. It was the last time a South Easterner was the army chief.

ThIs gross atrocity was not because Ndigbo lacked men with capacity and professional Ingenuity. It was a part of the marginalization Ndigbo complained about.

This indignation lasted for 45 years untill Jonathan, a president on the platform of PDP, announced General Azubuike as Nigeria’s army chief. Visit Ovim in Izukwuato in Abia State and behold a gigantic military facility – take record of its economic generation and security gains. The PDP did it.

For a half of century or there about, Nigeria functioned as if there was a law stipulating reasons Ndigbo couldn’t be the Inspector General of Police, yet most of the outstanding policemen and women Nigeria has ever produced are of Igbo extraction. Remarkably, it was the PDP government of Yar’Adua that appointment an Igbo IGP Onovu.

What is called Abuja Municipality ran from 1992 and it was Jonathan’s government that allowed an Igbo from Mbaise to serve as first ever Abuja perm sec. It was widely celebrated in the Igbo country particularly Mbaise as some of our wards are now gainfully.

On August 21, the PDD – led Federal Government of Nigeria through the secretary to the federal government, announced Akunu Ibiam airport at Enugu an international airport. The last time any official international flight operated in the South East was on January 10,1970 when the Biafran head of state, General Odumegwuu Ojukwu en – planed from the Uli Airport for Abidjan. Till now, the APC government is still on it.

The biggest industry in the South East is education. The PDP government made Alvan Ikoku a federal college and the other at Anambra and built the Alex Ekwueme University at Abakaliki.

Others are., a South Easterners were PDP chairman, PDP secretary, senate president, deputy senate president, deputy speaker, chairman, sovereign wealth., secretary of prisons, etc.

Don’t also forget that The Second Niger Bridge was a PDP project started by Jonathan just as the reconstruction of Onitaha – Awka – Enugu and Enugu – Umuahia – ABA – Port Harcourt roads equally had PDP imprimatur.

The fact remains that Ndigbo are marginalized.It was General Yakubu that started the Igbo marginalization when he created the 12 states and pinned Ndigbo in the East Central State. Since then, other successive administrators have maintained that lopsided structure against Ndigbo. It is worse now.

Peter Obi is doing well, so far. I wish him well. Thank you very much for the engagement.


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