Oyewumi commends Adeleke for his developmental strides in Osun



The Deputy Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Lere Oyewumi, has commended the administration of governor Ademola Adeleke in Osun state for its developmental strides in the state, describing it as the government that the masses truly need.

Oyewumi noted that with series of infrastructural developments witnessed in the state, opposition has no room.

Speaking on the state’s progress, Senator Oyewumi highlighted the significant strides made in road infrastructure, education restructuring, and other vital areas.

He commended the government’s commitment to enhancing the lives of citizens through tangible and impactful projects aimed at fostering development and improving the quality of life for all residents.

He affirmed that the present government in Osun State has demonstrated a genuine dedication to the welfare and progress of the people, earning the trust and support of the masses.

He urged all stakeholders to unite in supporting the government’s efforts to sustain and further accelerate the pace of development across the state.

Oyewumi pledged to continue collaborating with the state government to advance initiatives that benefit the constituents of Osun State.

He reiterated his commitment to working tirelessly to ensure that the interests of the people are prioritized and that good governance prevails at all levels.

Senator Oyewumi expressed confidence that the collective efforts of the government, stakeholders, and the people of Osun State will continue to yield positive outcomes, further propelling the state towards greater prosperity and development.

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