Bamidele Adeleke
Dele Adeleke

Bamidele Adeleke, People’s Democratic Party aspirant in Osun State, has said he is qualified to contest for the state’s governorship election billed for 2022, though he is yet to officially declare his intention to contest.

Adeleke noted, in a statement, that since it became public knowledge that he may be running for governorship, he has been inundated with calls from friends and family members.

According to him, “Although I have not fully made up my mind to run for any elective post but the brouhaha generated makes necessary for me to state that I have a right to run if I wish to.

“I hold my family in esteem for their support over the years and I will not deliberately do anything to cause disaffection.  However, as far back as 2016 I cautioned them not to present any member of the family with questionable credentials for an elective posts because it could subject the family name to ridicule. Many of them felt very uncomfortable with me and almost ostracised me. Despite the cold treatment, I stood with the family through out the 2018 elections and did my very best for the family and the party.

“There have been numerous insinuations that HE Seyi Makinde is backing my candidacy, this is not true as I have never discussed my aspirations with him despite our closeness.

“I am aware of several calls made to HE Seyi Makinde by members of my family to “kick me out” of Oyo State like ” polio” but I am not deterred one bit. Those close to me know that I am always guided by my convictions. I am also aware of a well orchestral plans by those close to the family to expose my paternity and brand me as a bastard.

“In all of these I have come to realise that you are only as useful to some people to the level by which they can use you. I have hopes that with time the dust we settle and all will be calm again.”


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