Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja
Dr. Batheja

Capital College, a leading higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) founded in 1998, has over the last 22 years, had three international partnerships with North Wales Business School , Glyndwr University in the UK, Westcliff University in California, and Rome Business School in Italy and has a technical collaboration with London College of Arts.
Since its inception, the college has interestingly recorded a 10%-15% of its intakes from Nigeria, with the country being one of the highest international students. In the year 2020, this was increased as many Nigerian students opted to study online and earn international qualifications through its partnerships.
In this this interview with OBINNA EZUGWU, the College’s Co-Founder and Director, Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja explains that the school’s policy of offering student visas to international students, helping them to find affordable accommodation, as well as providing for them to bring family members to the UAE, among other things, are some of the major factors attracting Nigerian students.


Your school’s content manager, Shreya Suresh disclosed that Nigerian students make up the highest international students intake, constituting up to 15 percent of all international students. What is drawing them to the school?

I think it’s a combination of factors. First, Capital University College offers flexible programme with different modes of attendance required for on campus students which makes working whilst studying very easy for students. Furthermore, we offer student visas and students can now work on these visas and also bring in their families to the UAE whilst on student visas. We also assist in finding affordable housing for students within walking distance to our campus.
Importantly, our fees are very affordable. This in line with our mission of providing Education for All. Along with this, they can incur WES points as well which can be helpful when students consider migrating and obtaining permanent residency in places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. We also offer various scholarship grants.

In addition, we regularly have virtual and in company visits. Virtual students also get access to our Partner University Career Services Department which has global corporations virtual visits, internship opportunities and job opportunities in the UK, Europe and the US.
Again, our admission process is seamless. It is a simple and easy online process where our admission officers guide intending students to choose the best programme that will suit their professional line and further support them on their employment opportunities. Lately, we have seen an increase for the MBA program as students can enrol for it without a bachelor’s degree and instead on the basis of their professional experience. This has been quite helpful for many Nigerian students as they come to the Middle Eastern region to seek employment and with a MBA, a resume certainly does look good.

What programmes/courses do you offer in the university?

At Capital University College, we offer programmes ranging from professional certificates right up to Doctorate in Business Administration. Our programmes focus on Business and Design. Under Business Department, we offer certificates in Business, HR, Marketing and so on, whilst at Undergraduate level we offer Bachelor Degree in Business (BA Hons Business UK and BBA – US), whilst at Master/Post graduate level we offer a suite of 14 Master programmes ranging from MBA to Master in HR, Master in Fashion, Master in Tourism Management and also a top ranked Doctorate in Business Administration.

At the Design front, we offer Certificates to Professional Diplomas in Fashion, Interiors, Architecture, Make Up, Hair and Beauty right until a Master in Fashion & Design Management. Our programs are offered in Exclusive association with Globally recognized leaders in Higher Education such as Westcliff University, USA , Glyndwr University UK, Rome Business School and London College of Arts UK. All of these reputed institutions have upward of 90% Employability post completion of program.

I understand that you offer both online and regular courses. What courses are available online/offline and what is the average duration for each category? (Years of study).

Capital University College in exclusive association with its globally accredited and ranked partners has been offering blended learning programmes for over a decade. All of our programmes including our Design programs can be done completely online or on campus or with a choice of both. Our online programmes range from short term certificates (1 month in duration) to Professional Diplomas (6months to 12 months) to Undergraduate Degree (2 years to 3 years) to Post graduate Diplomas (7-9 months) to Master Degrees (12 months) to Doctorate in Business Administration (3 years)

The Covid-19 has brought its own challenges. How are you coping with the challenges? What adjustments has the pandemic imposed on you?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we had to move 100% of our learning online. During this time we invested thousands of dollars into our online learning platform Dilton and produced over 6800 hours of content in 2020. Coupled with live sessions and along with advanced recorded sessions and live tutor support, we have seen a rise of 400% in our enrollments across all programs which are offered in both English and Arabic.

I’m sure that given the benefits, many Nigerian students would like to study at Capital College. But for a developing country like Nigeria, money will always be a key consideration. What does it cost on the average to gain admission into the College?

Capital University College programmes have always been priced in line with its mission of Education For All. Hence, students wishing to study at Capital University College will have at least a 50% saving in the Tuition Fees Cost for the same programme if they would have studied with their partner universities in their home campus. 50% Tuition fees coupled with flexible installment plans ensure that students have that peace of mind that they can continue their studies without any disruption due to financial difficulties. Students can further choose to attend Graduation Ceremony at the Partner University Campus for the program that they are enrolled for – giving them the best of both worlds.

What has been your experience with Nigerian students at the College?

Nigerian Students at Capital University College have been extremely bright and focussed students. They have been the kind of proactive students who demonstrate the ability to multitask and strive high for their goals. We have witnessed a number of students who have chosen the MBA program considering its high rank and the opportunity to place themselves among the best candidates for professional growth and to seek better employment prospects. In the design field, their design reflects their culture with the International trends in mind. We have even seen them participate in some popular fashion competitions hosted by other organizations and showcase some incredible designs. Overall, the Nigerian students have tremendous potential to be Better Managers in the Global World.

You have come a long way. Going forward, what is the overall vision?

Capital University College intends to keep pushing its mission of Education For All by bringing global programs in association with world class University partners – locally.

Students, no matter where they are located will now be able to enjoy globally accredited, ranked and reputed, flexible programs at their Pace and their own Space with the online offerings by Capital University College through its Online Learning Platform called DILTON. New programs in Healthcare, Sports and Artificial Intelligence are on the plate for Capital University College

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