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National Assembly out to create anarchy in Edo – Clark



Invasion of Pa Edwin Clark's home by soldiers provocative - Ijaw Youth Council

Elder statesman and former Minister of Information, Pa Edwin Clark has said the National Assembly is out to create anarchy in Edo State following its resent resolve to take over the state House of Assembly in three months if the State governor, Godwin Obaseki does not issue a fresh proclamation for another inauguration.

Clark criticised the Senate for concurring with the House of Representatives on the issue and argued that the National Assembly had no powers to compel Obaseki to re-issue the proclamation.

The elder statesman said while the initial intervention by the House of Representatives was ” ugly and hasty,” the latest concurrence by the Senate appears to be a conspiracy in furtherance of a “perverse onslaught” in the Edo State governance structure.

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“The Senate seems not aware of, or is too possessed of a mindset that blinds it against the many Provisions in the Constitution that supersede the mere fact that the two components of the National Assembly working in tandem, on the Edo State Project,” he said.

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