United Kingdom MPs have said the country must get rid of diesel and petrol cars by 2030 when electric vehicles are expected to be the same price and have same range.

UK’s current targets state that petrol and diesel powered cars should not be sold by 2040, but government advisers are expected to move this date forward.

MPs on the climate change committee say that electric cars will have an equivalent range and price as fossil fuel models by 2030.

The idea, they say, is that the technology has advanced so that by 2024 and 2025 electric cars would be the same price as traditional vehicles

They are therefore calling for the date of the ban on the sale of polluting cars to be brought forward to 2030, a decade from its current target of 2040.

Scotland has a different set of guidelines, indicating the switch-over and ban of petrol or diesel vehicles should happen by 2032.

The Committee on Climate Change believes the date should be brought forward to 2030 – or 2035 at the very latest.

The report is also expected to state that the installation of charging ports will need to be rapidly sped up in order to meet demand.

However, MPs warn that restrictions in obtaining the required natural resources for the batteries, mainly the element cobalt, means the 2030 may be missed.

It is therefore expected to recommend 2035 as the latest possible date.

Issues with rolling out battery-powered cars, according to previous recommendations from the committee, focus on a lack of charging points.

Credit: DM