Mohbad’s father promises to reveal son’s killers after Liam’s DNA test



Joseph Aloba, father of late singer, Mohbad, has promised that he will reveal who allegedly killed the singer after a DNA test has been conducted on Liam, his son.

Mohbad died on September 12, 2023, and was buried the following day. On September 21, his body was exhumed by police for an autopsy.

Eight months later, the autopsy failed to determine the cause of death as the singer’s body had decomposed when tests were conducted.

His death has continued to be subject of controversy, with questions also raised about his son’s paternity.

Aloba also refused to rebury his son until a DNA test confirmed Liam’s biological father.

He recently suggested that a potential DNA test on Liam could have been a factor in the singer’s death.

However, in another interview with Oyinmomo TV, Aloba accused Omowunmi, Mohbad’s wife, of infidelity while claiming he knew who killed the singer.

Aloba alleged that Omowunmi also influenced Mohbad against the management of Marlian Records, his former label.

“Cynthia (Omowunmi) is supposed to be called a liar. There is no single truth that comes out from her. She says ‘because I did not give daddy placenta since then he has been…’. Liam has bowed legs. People started calling my attention to the physical traits of Liam, saying “We do not have curved legs in our family. So where did Liam get his curved legs,” he said.

“I wanted to name the boy Victor. I did not know where they got the name Liam from. But they told me there was no more name. Liam is an Islamic name and we do not have Islamic in my lineage.

“We are talking about DNA they did not do it and they want us to bury Mohbad. We must know if the child is ours. If he belongs to our bloodline.

“Mohbad has always been talking to me about one king. If people want to look for who killed Mohbad, they should wait after the DNA test.”



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