Budget: DMO seeks n’assembly's due diligence as Nigeria's debt hits N41.6trn
Ms. Patience Oniha, DG, DMO

With $1.38bn external debt, representing 4.13 percent of the $33.46bn total external debt stock owed by Nigeria in the category, and N533.81 billion domestic debt, Lagos remains the most indebted state in the country.

This is according data released by the Debt Management Office (DMO) recently on the external debt profile of each state as of the end of June 30

While Lagos has the highest external debt among the 36 states, followed by Kaduna and Edo, Borno, Yobe, and Federal capital territory (FCT) have the least debts.

The DMO said as of the end of June 2021, Nigeria has an external debt stock of $33.46 billion (N13.8 trillion) owed to countries and international organizations.

DMO data showed that the federal government owes $28.91 billion external debt while Nigerian states including the Federal Capital Territory owe an external debt of $4.55 billion ($1.87 trillion).

Here is the list of states with their current debt profiles according to the DMO:

Abia $99.74m
Adamawa $116.58m
Akwa Ibom $48.72m
Anambra $111.48m
Bauchi $133.69m
Bayelsa $63.12m
Benue $32.96m
Borno $16.70m
Cross River $184.60
Delta $62.20m
Ebonyi $65.35m
Edo $281.47m
Ekiti $102.30
Enugu $124.22m
Gombe $33.21m
Imo $96.97m
Jigawa $30.53m
Kaduna $559.50m
Kano $67.67m
Katsina $55.35m
Kebbi $43.25m
Kogi $29.53m
Kwara $46.54m
Lagos $1.38bn
Nassarawa $58.47m
Niger $70.37m
Ogun $103.65m
Ondo $85.95m
Osun $95.50m
Oyo $87.73m
Plateau . $32.76m
Rivers $86.36m
Sokoto $37.15m
Taraba $20.59m
Yobe $25.81m
Zamfara $32.01m
FCT $29.45m

In domestic debt category, Lagos led, followed by leading oil producing states of Akwa Ibom and  Rivers.

Full list Below:

Lagos: N533.81bn
Akwa Ibom: N242.27bn
Rivers: N213.17bn
Delta: N205.92bn
Cross river: N161.55bn
Ogun: N155.57bn
Bayelsa: N150.61bn

Imo: N149.51bn

Osun: N133.36bn
Plateau: N132.47bn
Kana: N127.65bn
Benue: N126.93bn
Zamfara: N101.36bn
Taraba: N99.89bn
Bauchi: N98.11bn
Oyo: N91.98bn
Adamawa: N90.37bn
Ekiti: N85.34bn
Borno: N84.31bn
Gombe: N82.28bn

Sokoto: N80.81bn
Niger: N79.25bn
Edo: N78.49bn
Ondo: N70.96bn
Abia: N69.82bn
Kogi: 68.95bn

Enugu : 68.72bn

Kaduna: 66.75bn

Kwara: N63.66bn

Yobe: N60.23bn

Nasarawa: N56.25bn

Katsina: N55.34bn

Anambra: N55.01bn

Kebbi: N52.93bn

FCT: N52.71bn

Ebonyi: N43.39bn

Jigawa: N32,60bn

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