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Lagos guber: Group raises alarm over ‘attempt to instigate anti Igbo crisis’



Lagos guber: Group raises alarm over 'attempt to instigate anti Igbo crisis'

Credibility Group, a think thank, has raised alarm over what it said is a frenzy caused by disinformation and misinformation cascading from supposedly enlightened people to the rank and file in Lagos.

This, it said, is a “premeditated devil’s master plan, which is aimed at causing a violent crisis, is targeted at Igbo people in Lagos.”

Chief Goddy Uwazurike KSM, president of the group who raised the alarm in a statement on Sunday, lamented that on a daily basis, all kinds of allegations are disseminated with vigor.

“Since the release of the presidential election results, Igbo people have become objects of conspiracy theories. The most heinous currently trending is that Igbo people want to take over Lagos,” he said.

“This is designed to turn a charged situation into a frenzied mob action. The much touted reason is that Igbo people want to elect Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor.”

The group emphasised that all the candidates running for the office of governor in Lagos are Yoruba people, stating, among others things, that:

1.Gbadebo, Sanwolu, Jandor are the leading governorship candidates of the Labor, APC and PDP non of which is Igbo.

2. All three have approached Igbo people for support and have active support groups.

3. Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivor has answered the question of his identity by pointing at the Lagos City Hall as a donation from his Lagos Island family.

4. The propagators of the conspiracy theories against Ndigbo are not even Lagosians by birth and cannot point out the graves of their forefathers in Lagos. Further inquiries show that the real lagosians are very sociable and receptive of increased business activities.

5. Igbo people living in Lagos state came to Lagos the same way as those from Kwara, Osun,Ekiti, Ogun, Kogi and Oyo states.

6. Non Yoruba people, just like non Lagos Yoruba people in Lagos buy land for residence . There is no free land. Nobody dashes anyone land in Lagos. Lagos is a cash and carry state beginning with rent to what and where you eat.

7. Property acquisitions are legal and constitutional. This right is for all, not withstanding the state of origin. Those who are consumed by envy should be advised to desist forthwith.

8. There is a freedom of choice of who to vote for. This is constitutional. It must not be tampered with.

9. Nigerians have been elected freely in different countries and there is no objection to them. We have also rejoiced over such elections.

10. Those who are beating the drums of violence have forgotten that the evil they want to unleash does not discriminate on its target. The market people whose goods services were burnt in the Olodi Apapa area are not all Igbo.


“Finally, nothing encourages evil doers like the silence of the people in authority. Here, the Governor, the Commissioner of Police and other security outfits have not seen evil and have not heard any evil. Violence and strife multiply in different directions. A stich in time saves nine. There is no family in Lagos today without an Igbo Yoruba marriage. The young ones do not want to practice tribalism. Tribalism is a debilitating disease of the older folks. Let our kids be. Violence is an evil wind that bears no one any good.”

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