JUST IN: Ex-Imo governor, Ihedioha resigns from PDP



Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, former Imo State governor, has tendered his resignation to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), citing a misalignment between his personal beliefs and the current trajectory of the party.

In a resignation letter addressed to the chairman of his constituency, Mbutu Ward, Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Ihedioha affirmed his dedication to the advancement of democracy and good governance in Nigeria despite his decision to step away from the party.

Having been a member of the PDP since its inception in 1998, Ihedioha highlighted his contributions to the growth and evolution of the party, noting its historical commitment to internal reforms and providing credible leadership both in and out of power.

However, Ihedioha lamented recent developments within the party, stating that it has deviated from its core principles. He voiced concerns over the party’s inability to enact internal reforms, uphold its own regulations, and effectively oppose the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The letter reads, “Since 1998, I have contributed my quota to the development and transformation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as one of the founding members. All these years, I have taken pride in the fact that the PDP is a party that will always look inward for internal reforms and provide credible leadership for the people, whether in power or outside power. I have had the benefit of serving and benefiting from the party at various levels.

“Regrettably, in recent times, the party has taken on a path that is at variance with my personal beliefs. Despite my attempt to offer counsel, the party is, sadly, no longer able to carry out internal reforms, enforce its own rules or offer credible opposition to the ruling All Progressives Congress.’

“It is in the light of the foregoing, that I am compelled to offer my resignation from the People’s Democratic Party effective immediately. While the decision was difficult to take, I, however, believe that it is the right one. Despite this resignation, I will always be available to offer my services towards the deepening of democracy and good governance in Nigeria.”

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