Do you have a dream ecommerce idea yearning to go live, or you’ve just had an ear-biting bout with the Mike Tysons of the hosting world?

Before you make some hasty decisions, please read this. Many site owners have suffered untold losses from being with poor hosts.

I have some 20 years experience hosting sites and dealing with diverse net-preneurs whose online presence range from poor to fantastic, small to large scale and I’ve had a fair share of incidences which had me in the hospital, no thanks to hosts like HostGator and GoDaddy.

Many of these hosts actually make moving a hellish experience. HostGator once devastated me with the loss of  6 years of journalistic materials, the efforts of more than a hundred reporters across Nigeria, over some shady server fault. But I must admit my naivety about law and other issues, which the host promptly preyed on. I had to crawl all the way back up again, in a gruesome manner.

That was a glimpse of my experience with hosting. Many site owners have suffered untold losses running on poor, shady hosts.

Are you a net-prenuer? You need to first of all, get yourself clear with hosting your business. It is principal to your success online.

So my discovery of was a blessing and a thorough relief. It got me becoming lazy. What with all the perks and support personnel who handled my own errors like nothing happened. I think the idea is they sleep better when you sleep better.

Since I discovered, I have not looked back since then. I guess they thrive on more referrals than on some bogus marketing budgets and gimmicks.

Perhaps you are in doubt, I’ll suggest you check user reviews of on and decide for yourself. Better to sleep with your eyes closed than have nightmares over crazy hosts who rob you of your resources and lie to your face.

For me, I think your best bet is,

And I’ll recommend to anyone in need of a great host any day, for those who desire that incredible performance. Did I mention affordability? Oh, my bad! You can check their ratings on

You should try I have had no regrets.

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Whatever choice you take, I suggest you get yourself some peace of mind and expect better from a year that has crippled the world and drowned hopes.