As part of the on-going efforts of the Nigerian government to boost food production in the country, the use of liquid organic fertilizer has been approved in the coutry which has been acknowledged as laudable by two Nigerian professors of Soil Science from the Ahmadu Bello University -ABU, Zaria and NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka.

Speaking at the launch of ALFA Life Liquid Organic Fertilizer by ALFA Life Fertilizer International Limited in Abuja a professor from ABU, Zaria, IshaikuYoi’la, endorsed the liquid organic fertilizer as being safer, cheaper  and easier to apply, in comparison to the NPK fertilizer currently being used in Nigeria.

Yoi’la explained that the fertilizer is a liquid foliar fertilizer which is 100 per cent chemical free and environmentally friendly, while noting that the laboratory test carried out on the fertilizer showed no sign of toxicity, adding that the fertilizer is specially formulated with Bio-Nano technology which originated from Taiwan, Malaysia, formulated with modifications according to the local environment.

He also commented that the application of the fertilizer increases crop revenue by up to 185 per cent as well as reduces the cost of fertilizer up to 70 per cent.

Also speaking at the event, Prof. Peter Nnabude from NnamdiAzikiwe University, Awka, urged farmers in Nigeria to take advantage of the fertilizer which he also recommended as being safer to use, considering its organic component.

While explaining the advantages of liquid organic fertilizer over the NPK, he stated, “we conducted a test on this fertilizer in our laboratory and it is actually genuine.

I recommend this product to farmers for some many reasons; one, it has a lot of other nutrients not found in our normal fertilizer and does not have any adverse effect to the soil.

The fertilizer according to Prof. Nnabude, is not toxic to crops and thus can be applied on the leaves and stem without any adverse effect..