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Economic hardship: Female bank staff commits suicide in Lagos



Economic hardship: Female bank staff commits suicide in Lagos

Amarachi Ugochukwu, a 32-year-old marketing staff of Globus Bank, has committed suicide in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

Amarachi’s lifeless body was on the floor of the bank’s toilet.

A suicide note and an empty can of insecticide she was suspected to have drunk were found on the floor of the toilet.

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The late Amarachi, a Marketing staff, according to her colleagues, left her table at about noon, on January 8, 2024, to ease herself.

Her long absence was noticed, after her phone, which she left on the table, repeatedly rang out without response.

Out of curiosity, some of her colleagues were said to have searched for her within the premises.

One of them, who went to search for her in the toilet, was said to have found it locked from inside.

When the door was forced open, she was found on the floor, motionless.

A 2024 diary in which she wrote the suicide note read: ” Nothing is working in my life. My brain is clogged up. The economy is getting harder. My decisions are wrong. My mind is messed up. The future doesn’t seem bright at all, I see extreme hardship, and I can’t bear the pain anymore. I’m sorry Mom, I’m sorry Dad”…

She further apologized to five other persons, mentioning their names and ended the note with “Dear Lord, have mercy on me”.

Her colleagues said a doctor who was invited, confirmed she was dead.

A team of policemen from the Ikorodu division that visited the scene upon receiving the information evacuated the corpse to the Ikorodu General Hospital for autopsy.

Police sources hinted that the deceased’s family was contacted.


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