Tope Ijibadejo
Tope Ijibadejo

CMTrading has won the Global Business Magazine Awards title of Best Financial Broker in Nigeria, a statement from the firm has said.

According to it, with CMTrading now in its 10th year in the financial services industry, the award is the latest of many accolades the company has achieved over the last decade, and according to Tope Ijibadejo, Nigeria Region Manager for CMTrading, the award is simply further impetus to continue innovating and improving.

Ijibadejo says, “The recognition we achieve through awards encourages us to strive to reach even higher and to continue to improve our unique services. It is worth celebrating and a testament that providing a transparent and trusted platform for online traders and investors is non-negotiable for us.”

“The award is a result of our ongoing efforts to inspire traders in Africa and provide access to the financial markets across the globe. But we will never become complacent. This simply encourages us to put in more work so we can keep blazing the trail in all aspects of online trading and brokerage.”

He continues, “Nigeria has a population of more than 200 million people, with 100 million of them being 18 years and older. We saw an opportunity to inspire people by showing them the opportunities in online trading. In our 10 years of existence, we have inspired many Nigerians out of poverty, and this means a lot to us.”

Ijibadejo adds, “Trading in Africa has evolved in leaps and bounds – particularly as more people have embraced the digital world during the pandemic. Being an online trader has become more simple than ever before, for anyone with a smartphone or computer that is connected to the internet.

“With the right trading partner, even a novice can experience market opportunities on trusted and transparent platforms. Trading could be the greatest decision you ever make – even for people who simply begin as part-time traders. In challenging economic times, generating additional income has become a necessary survival mechanism for many people.

“We save money for two reasons; the purpose of having a means to service emergencies and to have seed/capital to invest in for the future. The latter is the only way to grow wealth and truly secure the future.”


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