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Although the smart home revolution is still in its early stages, we have witnessed how the Internet of Things (IoT) and interconnected smart devices may improve our lives. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine/deep learning, offering individual consumers unique experiences personalized to their tastes and preferences is now more possible than ever before.

AI is making its way into TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators and Audio devices like speakers. A product that stays with you for the majority of the day and learn your behaviour has far more potential than one that is only used infrequently.

LG Electronics has been able to position itself as a pioneer in AI-integrated electronics and continues to produce the best-in-market ThinQ line that exceeds consumer expectations as customers across the world demand more efficient and productive smart technology.

According to Mr. Hari Elluru, Head, Corporate Marketing LG Electronics West Africa, LG’s 21st-century products are using AI to directly connect with its consumers and make their lives more convenient.

What makes the smart technology less daunting today is because now everyone has a smart phone. And through that smartphone, consumers can control all aspects of their connected devices from the bed, sofa or even while doing other chores. The fact that the LG ThinQ app has been downloaded over a million times is proof that there is an audience that’s hungry for the conveniences offered by smart products. But what conveniences are we talking about here?

“LG’s intuitive webOS smart TV platform provides faster, more convenient access to apps as well as simpler content discovery with finely-tuned personalized recommendations. Think of webOS as your concierge who knows your taste and style and can point you in the right direction when it comes to entertainment. LG Magic Remote not only controls your TV but your other LG-connected devices too, and one can complete their smart adaptive viewing experience with voice-responsive LG smart audio devices like LG Soundbar AI ThinQ which supply immersive sound that changes settings according to content”, he explained.

He stated that “LG’s energy-efficient air conditioner works with the LG purifier to achieve the perfect indoor temperature and deliver fresh, germ-free air to users. And over in the utility room, the LG washer and dryer combo are hard at work improving their performance and efficiency by identifying the type of fabrics being washed and adjusting their programming to deliver perfectly cleaned and dried clothes for the whole family.

Mr. Elluru stated that in the kitchen, LG’s intelligent LG refrigerators such as the iconic InstaView Door-in-Door lets users know when food is running low, sends you expiry alerts for your perishable food items and can even self-diagnose any performance issues so you don’t have to.

“LG’s ThinQ integration lets you activate Express Freeze and monitor temperatures with your smartphone, so there’s no need to repeatedly check on the fridge to see if things are ready. It also enables you to eliminate frequent trips to the grocery store with the largest capacity French Door refrigerator, to stock up and store all your favourite foods,” he added.

Commenting on other AI-powered products of LG, he continued by saying LG OLED and NanoCell TVs with ThinQ deliver next-level AI and elevated viewing experiences right to the living room.

“You can create a cinematic experience and enjoy amazing gaming time right in your home with LG AI-enabled TVs. With just a simple voice request, LG AI TVs make suggestions suited to your preference such as movies, programs or music.

Smart home of the future will also take home security to a whole new level. Cameras will be able to distinguish intruders from occupants by studying movements, habits and biometrics, alerting the homeowner and the police of any suspicious activity, an indispensable feature for those who are often on the road for work.

According to the LG ThinQ 2021 Smart Home Report, the largest group of smart homeowners say saving energy is the greatest benefit of owning a smart home. Smart devices can be set to run when electricity rates are the cheapest and solar panels can charge home batteries which can power the home once the sun goes down. With a grid-connected solar system, smart homeowners can reduce their electricity bills even more by sending excess power to the grid.

The advantages of AI technologies like LG ThinQ will undoubtedly enable humans to live better and smarter lives. Humans can only enjoy a more mobile, comfortable, and connected lifestyle as internet access and technology adoption improves.



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