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Adegbite Adenike is the brain behind The Trillionbucks Company, a firm that offers media and marketing solution. In this interview with Toyin Komolafe, the graduate of Mass Communication at the Lagos State University talks about her passion and how small businesses can leverage on New Media to promote their business.

Can you tell us about your company?
The Trillionbucks Company is a  cosmopolitan company that is born out of passion and commitment to render EXCELLENT, QUALITY and EFFECTIVE Solutions in MEDIA, MARKETING, EVENTS and RESEARCH; the research arm of the company is not commercialize at the moment.
At what point did you decide you were going to quit your 8-5 job to nurture your own dreams?
At a point when I felt my potentials are been underused. When I felt I could do much more than I was doing but there was no to opportunity to DO. I also think I am a born risk taker so I just always want more. So I can simply say I left for MORE.
What were the initial challenges, what challenges do you face now, and how do you tackle them?
Many I can’t say here. I had to abruptly quit my then office due to some issues. Getting an alternative work place became a challenge. Projections wasn’t exactly as I forecasted among other things
To what extent do advertising, marketing and other media campaigns determine the eventual success of a product?
“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does” – Steuart Henderson Britt.
What happens in cases where brands have been over-hyped and eventually don’t meet up with claims in the advertisement?
A brand should be able to deliver on its promise(s) because that is how you gain trust not by repeated advertising. When that is sorted, advertising will showcase you to the world and once the world knows you and can attest to the fact that you do what you say, then subsequent advertising will be a complimentary venture- to publicise, remind, reassure etc, and not necessarily to get new customers. What sells better than recommendation really?
What does internal branding entail?
Internal branding is simply marketing inside out, becoming a sell out to your primary audience- employees, family and friends. Most companies have staffs who do not believe in what they stand for. Some don’t even know it so they can’t communicate it effectively to an outsider. Organisations should be able to sell their ideas and brands from within before putting it out there, which make advertising effort either and much more creative.
As individuals how can we make our brand count?
Recognise your uniqueness as a brand and put that forward. Playup your unique selling points, that way you are able to stand out and gain advantage over competitors.
​What challenges come with starting up a firm like yours?
As for me it has to do with Value. Most clients do not know the value of what we do. They want all the brilliant ideas and proposals but they don’t want to pay for it. Campaign needs to be followed through to the latter but clients do not understand that, especially because we work with small and medium scale businesses most times. That can be frustrating really. Another is power, lack of adequate power has killed many businesses that could have otherwise survived.
What tip do you have for a start-up business as regards engaging i​n a media campaign?
​First of all, make sure you can deliver on what your brand is promising. secondly, Start small, there are cheaper yet effective means to get your brand out there, seek for and utilise them and If you don’t know, then hire a professional like us, It will save you a great deal of cost believe me.
You have worked with companies like Chain Reactions Nigeria​, Doveplum Consulting, amongst​ others, how easy is it penetrating this firms, or has it been based on referrals?
​I used to work at Chain Reactions while it was still Wisdom Keys Nigeria. I was a good staff then and very trust worthy​ and I also maintained a good relationship with my colleagues then , so it was easy to get called whenever we are needed for anything. The CEO of the organisation Mr. Jaiye Opayemi was a great inspiration, he instilled a great level of confidence in me as a person and the other staffs too. Doveplum came as a referral and they have been one of our biggest clients till now. But all in all, we work with these people not because we know them or because we were referred, it is simply because we keep our promises.
Why is content marketing trending right now, and how is it different from what obtains before?
​I think that is what the new media technology has brought upon us. It is simply another way for brands to go social. Advertising has gone beyond a one way communication whose result is only measured by demand; it has got to be interactive and engaging.​ World class brands are now on social media and they need contents to sustain and keep fans and followers interested. People want to hear stories about your brand, they want to know more, and they want to be part of the processes. Content marketing affords them that opportunity and also make brands own their share of the human capital. Most of these social media have tools that can also help you track your customer behavior which is a herculean task in traditional marketing.
Coming to SMEs, how would you convince them that they need to develop a content marketing strategy?
​Understand your brand and tell the story behind it. People remember stories, people want to hear stories, people also want to share stories especially if they can relate to it.
If you had to pick one social media site SMEs focus on, which one would it be? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google +?
​It definitely has to be Facebook because it is cheap and easily accessed by all. But then you need to understand your brand and where your target audience resides in terms of social media space and pursue that. ​But basically and from experience, Facebook works well for most brands.
What challenges would you say SMEs face right now, and how do you think government can help?
​The issue of power and capital. Power is the number one killer of businesses and ideas in Nigeria believe me. If that issue is resolved, the economy and many unemployed graduates will thank us all for it. ​Secondly, loans for start-ups needs to be made more available and information on that more accessible. I will also like to mention the issue of a co- working space at affordable rates for start-ups. I know Ford foundation and Goethe institute are doing something in that regards. We have also seen that as another business opportunity and we are tapping into it, we hope that comes sooner though.
For anybody starting his/her own firm, what are the things such a person has to put in place?
​First things first, recognise a need that you want to meet. Businesses are setup to meet needs not to exactly make profits. Have a business plan and be flexible with it, in short have plans like A to D.
You are going to have to experiment till you arrive at the model that suites your business and work for it almost perfectly. Keep an open mind, that will make you recognise opportunities.
​ Be Prepared to work hard, don’t take No for an answer​, if you believe in God, then pray!
Can you tell us about you?​
​My name is Adegbite Adenike, I studied Mass Communication at the Lagos State University, I have almost nine years in advertising, publishing and PR. I work for the Trillionbucks Company. My interests are in Business, Media, Entertainment, Publishing and even Manufacturing.