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70% of Nigerian students are into internet fraud – EFCC chairman



70% of Nigerian students are into internet fraud – EFCC chairman

The chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ola Olukoyede, has lamented that seven out 10 students in Nigeria are into cybercrime.

In a statement released by the EFCC on X, Olukoyede expressed deep concern about the escalating involvement of Nigerian youth in cybercrimes.

During a courtesy visit to the EFCC’s corporate headquarters in Jabi, Abuja, by a delegation from Daar Communication PLC, he urged the media company to play a crucial role in educating the youth about the dangers of cybercrime.

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Addressing the delegation on Monday, Olukoyede stated, “We are looking towards Daar Communications to enlighten our youths on the evils of cybercrimes. It is worrisome that seven out of ten students today are involved in cybercrimes.”

The EFCC Chairman called upon the media to develop programs specifically designed to raise awareness among Nigerian youth regarding the negative consequences of engaging in cybercrimes.

Emphasizing the importance of nurturing responsible future leaders, he urged the media not to relent in educating young people about the adverse effects of such criminal activities.

Olukoyede lamented the detrimental impact of youth involvement in internet-related crimes, labeling it as a societal menace and cankerworm. He advocated for a widespread media campaign to enlighten youth across the country about the consequences of participating in internet fraud.


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