Prof Olagoke

By Sesan Laoye 

Former dean, Faculty of Engineering, Federal Polytechnic  Ilaro in Ogun State and founder, Shafaudeen Islam Worldwide, Professor Sabitu Olagoke has said that to avoid break up or threat to break up of the country, restructuring must be instituted.

Olagoke who spoke while addressing journalists at a press conference to herald the 2020 annual international convention of the group at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Secretariat in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, also noted that it is in the best interest of the South for the Southwest and Southeast to come together ahead of 2023 presidential election as it is the only way to take power from the North.

He argued the that without the Southwest the Southeast, no section of the country can produce the president. He noted that the two regions can come together to produce the president.

Present at the press conference were the NUJ Chairman, Mr. Ademola Babalola, NUJ executive members as well as members of the Islamic group and journalists.

Olagoke while speaking on the array of agitations from various groups threatening to break away from Nigeria, maintained that a particular group in the country has arrogated power to it adding that they have forgotten that the unity of Nigeria lies In the hands of all.

He said the Southwest and the Southeast if they come together have the power to determine who or which part of the country would be the president of Nigeria.

He argued that since the first Republic no single entity has been able to on its own have the majority to rule but it has always been  through alliances either with the south west or the south east.

He also noted that restructuring of the country is the only solution to avoid break up of the country.

Olagoke acknowledged that Nigeria may one day break up due to the imbalance of systems in the country, adding that Nigeria has leadership problem and not followership problem.

He warned those agitating for the break up of the country to thread softy, noting that “Nigerians should learn from Sudan, we should learn from Brexit”.

Olagoke added that, “We should learn from Sudan, we should learn from Brexit. I have been warning people. The Igbo want to exit, Yoruba too want to go, but we should learn from Sudan, learn from Brexit. Those who want to go is because of development.

“If we are not going to disintegrate, what are the antidote? That is why we need restructuring, look at how much Senator collect. We can’t continued to be suffering in the midst of plenty.

“If we are to break up, we should not allow bloodshed, we must avoid bloodshed. After the break up, every one will look inwards. But, I don’t want secession, I want restructuring to come to the past. All these imbalances will be avoided if we restructure this country.

“Leadership problem is what is lacking, Nigerians are good. It is not the followers that is the problem, it is the leaders.

“That is why I said that some of our leaders are artisans. Some of our institutions have to be involved because most of our leaders are artisans. All these people are artisans.


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