2023: It's the way the song goes, nothing will change, By Elliot Uko
Evangelist Uko

Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, founder of Igbo Youth Movement (IYM), has noted that going into another election in 2023 and expecting that a new president who save the country would emerge is a waste of expectation.

Uko in an article on Friday, noted that unless the 1999 unitary constitution is changed, the country would continue on its descent to crisis and under development.

Uko said, “Every problem eating up our land today, flows from there. No human being can make Nigeria great under this unitary 1999 constitution.

“It may be unappealing to present this truth, because politicking and election season pleases our senses and blinds us to the truth. The urgent need of our country today, is restructuring our polity and healing the land.

“Elections are important, but healing the land is what we need today. 2014 National Confab report should be implemented without delay.”

According to Uko, who is also the secretary of Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA), politicians are not interested in solving the country’s real problems, but see elections as opportunities attain positions for personal benefits.

“The palpable excitement, amidst the ongoing politicking and deft moves and manoeuvres going on all over the land, is quite remarkable. Alignments and realignments, resignations and decamping, subterfuge and all kinds of subterranean manipulations thrill us,” he wrote.

“Politicos are very active today at the market. So many candidates up for election. Non of them mentions our foundational disease. They all tell us they are best in the world.

“They tell us they’ll make life easier for us all, grow the economy, tackle insecurity, create jobs and unite the country. Their acolytes re-echo the message: “Our candidate is the best man for the job”.

“Redundant ex this and ex that are co-opted as campaign DGs, technical and political advisers. Media men are carried along as PR managers. A lot of cash going around for everyone.

“The great empowerment ritual every four years, helps folks pay school fees, a new car for the wife, erect a country home, move life forward. No wonder everyone looks forward to this season.

“Everyone smiles to the bank, because our great politicos bring out and distribute funds husbanded and hidden exactly for this purpose.”

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