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Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2015

Wema Bank records improved service delivery

Customers have testified to an improved service delivery and customer care experience at most branches of Wema Bank Plc. The bank’s recent upgrade in their services is evident in the level of professionalism demonstrated in most of their branches. Hallmark undertook a survey across three branches of the bank which are Wema Bank, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Wema Bank, Omole, Ikeja and Wema Bank, University of Lagos, Akoka, all situated in Lagos. Here are our reporter findings:

Wema Bank
Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.
This branch of Wema Bank is cited on the busy Obafemi Awolowo Way leading to the popular Computer Village. It is located in a competitive environment as there are close to ten banks within that vicinity. This particular branch was given a facelift months ago giving it a more appealing look. The bank has quite a modest car park.
When the Hallmark crew visited the branch, the environment was calm with a security official- a lady manning the entrance into the bank. There were other security officials within the premises, there was enough space for customers as the bank had a huge locker for customers to secure their vehicles.
On entering the bank, there was another security official directing customers. The banking hall is spacious had customers going through their transactions though there wasn’t such a huge turnout of customers. The hall was calm and neat with the cashiers and customer care officials going about their jobs dutifully.
There are 7 cubicles across the counter, with just three cashiers present, with two representatives at the customer care unit located to the right hand side of the banking hall. Unlike what obtains in other bank, there were enough seats for customers to sit before heading for their transaction. At the customer care section, each and every one of the customers were called one after the other by the officials.
The bank has just an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), outside the bank premises facing the main road.
Wema Bank, Omole, Ikeja, Lagos.
Wema Bank, Omole is one of the bank’s branches that have undergone a significant improvement in the quality of their service. As at the time our team visited, transactions were going on quietly within the bank.
The bank has a spacious parking space for customers to park their vehicles, although it is quite a distance to the banking hall.
There were two security officials at the entrance who helped customers into the banking hall; they also helped secure their properties.
Though it was very early that morning, the bank still had an impressive turnout of customers, going about transactions at every section of the bank.
Transaction across the counter took about three minutes as the cashiers attended to the customers promptly and courteously. The customer care representatives were also efficient as they paid attention to details.
At the customer care section, there were two desks in front to the extreme left while there is another at the back and one to the side.
There were about four cashiers at the transaction point, while there was just an individual making deposit in the bulk room which is located at the far left of the banking hall.
Wema Bank,
University of Lagos, Akoka.
This particular branch of Wema Bank is always a beehive of activities. It is one of the first points of contact on entering the University premises. Banking activities operate from a relatively small bungalow located to the left side on entering the campus.
The bank has quite a modest car space but it is usually not crowded since it is in a school environment and a large percentage of the bank customers who are students do not have a car.
Customers usually have to take turns to enter the bank, and there is usually space constraint for customers to use the lockers.
On entering the banking hall, there were quite a number of customers, but they all queued orderly as they waited for their turns. Across the counter transaction took about five minutes as there were about five cashiers. The customer care officials at the right side of the bank also had their hands full as they had a lot of complaints to attend to.
Despite the huge customer base, we would say the bank is organised as there was another building to the right hand of the bank premises where post graduate students can pay their fees, which made transactions easier.
There are two Automated Teller Machine (ATM) located outside the banking hall which were working perfectly. Withdrawal took about two minutes.

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