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Published On: Thu, Jun 18th, 2015

Jabi Lake Resort:  Abuja’s tourist wonder


By Clement Okpani

Abuja the nation’s capital is strategically located at the centre of Nigeria.  There are many tourist sites in Abuja. Jabi Lake Resort is one of them.

The development of Jabi Lake Resort West Coast Phase 1 was commissioned on 7th May, 2007 by former president, Chief OlusegunObasanjo. Jabi Lake Resort is a man-made lake, situated between Jabi and Kado Districts. It has amazing splendour which ignites its green vegetation for relaxation and other social activities.

The nearby cities are: Abuja, Minna, and Kaduna. The distance from the lake to areas within Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) is not far. The lake is being developed by investors into a resort which was estimated to about $1.5Bn. it will provide amenities like speed boat rides, horse ride, cannon ride, bicycle ride and other water sports .

In (Oct. 2008), an investor engaged 3 construction companies namely: Old Mutual Investment Group, Dural Properties Limited, and Louis Karol Architects into construction. The then Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Dr.AliyuModibbo Umar instructed the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCT) to provide the plans.

It was expected to be completed in 2 years. The lake was expected to have 2 hotels, an office and residential components. The wonderful plans are still in place as the lake looks more convenient than when it was commissioned. Jabi and its environs have so many hotels for lodgement in case you visit the  lake from far.

The hotels includes: La Don Hotels, Capital Lake Hotel, Alexis Hotel, The Nordic Villa, AEs Luxury Apartments, Dream Lands Suites, Lake Crescent Hotel, Sandralia Hotel, Madugu Hotels and Luxury Apartments and Nordc Residence. MallamAlhassan, the manager of the lake was filled with joy upon seeing this reporter. He told Hallmark that the place is a marvel. While catching a glimpse of the social events going on at the lake, the display of the speed boat riders this reporter was spell bounded. It was a sight to behold.

The water bus A27 by Almarine  John Holts Plc which carries 10 passengers entertained both young and old that were there.

The speed boat rider, Abubakar popularly called ABU said that it cost only N1,500 or N2,000 depending on the distance for a ride. The same price is applicable to a family or one person who wants to take a ride. There are life jackets for safety in case of any mishap. The most interesting thing at the lake is the high level of entertainment and fun displayed by the speed boat riders. The sight of it relieves pain and anxiety.

The next attraction to behold then is the horse riders. It costs only N200 to move round the most important areas within the lake. When you climb the horse, you will experience nature at its best.

The lake is beautified with mango trees, Melina trees, dogoyaro trees, orange trees, palm trees, bamboos flamboyant flowers   and beautiful grasses. These trees help to ventilate the environment. The meaning of life is re-defined at the Jabi Lake Resort. The environment can inspire somebody to appreciate and admire natures.

The horse might take you up to 2 standing rocks where you shall have a panoramic view of the lake and the citadels within Abuja metropolis. One could be entranced to affirm that it is a home away from home. Engulfed with the events at the lake, this reporter was interested to know the security aspect of the lake, the buoyancy and the commercial activities at the lake.

The concerns above are very important because Jabi Lake Resort is already a tourist site.

The infrastructure in place is standard enough to compete with other notable tourist centres. Although, the security needs to be improved upon. It would help to secure lives and property.

During weekends, the lake is lively with weddings, sports activities and other programs. Film makers are advised to key into this amazing tourist centre. Nigeria will develop faster if we invest our resources within the country instead of outside. Photographers are smiling  to the bank from Jabi Lake Resort.

The lake has created jobs for many people. They are: mat givers, snacks sellers, photographers, bicycle riders, horse riders and speed boat riders. These people make the lake lively.

By the time the resort is completed in a shortest period of time, there will be more job creation and economic boom at the lake. Mrs. Regina Ngozi and Sarah Angwe who are regular visitors to the lake told Hallmark that very soon the site will be one of the best in the country.

Their enumeration of the significance of water, trees and economic gain tripped the attention of the passers-by in the lake. This reporter was not left out in that great passion for natures gift and the political will to do the right thing. Researchers, geographers and tourists should make  their debut to the lake.

The visit will afford them the opportunity to convince more  people that Jabi Lake Resort is the next tourist  centre to watch in Abuja







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