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Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2015

How Lagos Assembly pushed for Pen Cinema Flyover

It is no more news that members of the Lagos State House of Assembly have called on the executive arm of the state government under the leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to construct a bridge at the traffic deadlock spot at the Pen Cinema area of Agege Local government Council.
The call by the assembly members followed a motion by Honourable Oluyinka Ogundimu, representing Agege constituency 2, who argued that the residents and users of the road had been experiencing hardship over the traffic deadlock that most often occurred at the spot.
Ogundimu, who is a second term representative of the constitutency, stated that the traffic deadlock at Pen Cinema had as  well cost the users a lot of damage as regards their useful time that were wasted during the traffic in the process.
He explained that construction of the flyover at the spot would not only help in boosting the productivity of the people but also make the spot more comfortable for the users to use.
“ The residents and users of the road at Pen Cinema always waste their useful time at the junction because of traffic that always build up virtually any time from noon.  I will want our amiable governor of the state, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode to construct a flyover that would ameliorate the stress that is usually experienced by the road users every day at the spot”, said Ogundimu
Speaking  further on the motion, he explained that the traffic situation around the area had negatively affected the productive hours of residents, health and economic activities in the area, adding that the absence of Flyover in the area has created a lot of hardship for motorists and residents, with other negative socio-economic implications.
“Motorists and commuters ply Agege Axis and Pen Cinema experience daily chaotic traffic jam leading to incessant accidents, traffic gridlock, loss of lives and productive hours. Unless urgent is taken by the state government to address the situation, the people would continue to suffer,”
Ogundimu said that Agege-Ifako Model City Plan provided for a Fly over at the cross road.
“The bridge will not only reduce the sufferings of motorists and commuters in Agege but help those of Alimosho, Ikeja, Ifako-Ijaiye and Ogun State”, said Ogundimu
In his contribution, Hon. Bisi Yusuf, representing Alimosho 1 stated “the fear of congestion in that area is the beginning of wisdom for motorists and commuters in the area.”
He said that traffic situation in the area had not only affected the economic   activities in the area but also the security situation.
“Because of the congestion, most of these hoodlums waylay the people and rob them of their property. The construction of overhead bridge in the area is overdue,”
While supporting the motion, Hon. Sola Giwa, representing Lagos Island 1, urged the government to consider the future plan in implementing the resolution.
“We tend to only plan for the immediate need which is not good enough, without putting future explosion of population in that area into consideration,”
Giwa stated that the state government should always consider the future in the development of infrastructure. With the robust legislative engagement and lobby system used by the mover of the motion, the motion was able to scale through the plenary session and was given a legislative nod for the governor to act on as a matter of urgency.
The House at the end of the sitting called on the governor of the state to construct the flyover to give a lease of life to the people of the constituency.
Also, the assembly members never left untouched the appropriation of the budget of the 20 local governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas as the budgets of the councils were discussed at the plenary. But one lacuna observed was that the honourable members did not vividly query the figures as regards how the Council Chiefs would finance their budgets in this period of debt building in public institutions of the country.
The Assembly is expected to be proactive in making dialectical analysis of how funds in the government are judiciously managed such that the government does not always go to capital market for bonds to survive.
The Assembly still needs to call the local council Chiefs to talk on how they would fund their budgets if they really want the government to move forward without being in debt in one way or the order.
As it is much is expected from the members of House of Assembly as they resolved to go on legislative training that would make the House and the Chamber to be quiet tillSeptember 7 of this year.
The quick implementation of the resolutions by the executive arm could be delayed as the governor is yet to roll out the list of his commissioners and special advisers who could handle the implementation of the project if the governor decides to go by the resolution of the Assembly on the flyover.
It is hoped  that governor Ambode will have no excuse to turn down the resolutions of the Assembly because he is expected to have begun the implementation of infrastructural projects that would boost the economy of the state and make life easy for the residents of its residents.

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