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Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2018

G9, Yoruba Council of Youths, others reject Buhari’s second term bid

…say president has failed


G9, the umbrella body of all self determination groups in Nigeria; Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW) and some prominent Nigerians have rejected President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bid, alleging his administration of being a failure. The groups noted that while the president, as a citizen of Nigeria, is entitled to run for office, his performance has left much to be desired, and in the interest of the nation, he should step aside.

Akogun Tola Adeniyi

In a statement made available to BusinessHallmark and signed by its convener, Akogun Tola Adeniyi, the Jagun Oodua of Yorubaland, G9 stoutly condemned what it called “Buhari’s proposed prolongation of his tyrannical dictatorship,” calling it “a sour joke.”

The Group frowned at what it called an  attempt by some parties, individuals and groups to conspire with Buhari with a view to prolonging “the sufferings of Nigerians, the unrelenting murderous onslaughts on innocent Nigerians in five out of the six geo-political zones of the country, the arrogant impunity, the unprecedented crass nepotism, the promotion and encouragement of mediocrity, the lack-luster administration, the insensitivity of the leadership, the humongous corruption and other social and political mishaps that have characterized Buhari’s  10th grade junta since inception.

“We thought it was a grave humour when we first learnt that President Muhammadu, who thinks Nigeria begins and ends in Daura, was interested in extending his entrapment of Nigerians beyond the painful four years” the statement read, “until  we started seeing rented crowds in Kano and even in London crying their voices hoarse that the best thing for them was a continuation of sleeplessness, hunger, cluelessness, devastation of the land, and the destruction of the future of Nigerians’ youths which Buhari’s cabal controlled government symbolizes.”

“It is our contention that Buhari’s government is by far worse than Abacha’s in its insensitivity to the quantity and quantum of the weight of  murderousness and orgy of brutish and brutal carnage that have pervaded the land.”

“Buhari himself continues to exhibit monumental ignorance on world stage and the embarrassment his lack of grasp and frequent gaffs and goofs have caused the image of Nigeria and Africa is beyond words.”

“President Buhari has succeeded in dividing Nigeria along ethnic and religious lines and has thus shredded whatever was left of Nigeria’s fragile unity while turning blind eye on the ruinous activities of herdsmen.”

“Buhari will be remembered the way Adolf Hitler permitted the pogrom of six million Jews and the way the infamous Nero was partying while Rome was burning.”

“Nigeria cannot afford the craziness of allowing President Buhari, an unrepentant and rabid sectional champion, to stay a day longer in office beyond May 29 next year unless the country is ready for the grave.”G9 concluded.

Rejecting Buhari’s attempt at reelection, President and Founder of YCYW Barr. Aremo Oladotun Hassan told BusinessHallmark that Nigerians are tired of mal-administration and corruption, and that the best for the president will be for him to honourably step aside.

“His reelection is capital no; he does not deserve another turn because, as they say, it is a good turn that deserves another. And his first turn is not good. It is a bad turn tainted with mal-administration and corruption,” he said.

“Although it is still within his fundamental rights to seek reelection as president, but his government has deteriorated. He has disappointed Nigerians who voted for him and who expected better tidings. Six months into his administration, it became clear that there is no proper plan for the economy and security. The body language died and people knew there was nothing to really hold on to.”

Hassan noted that the president’s three years in office have been wasted years, and that Nigerians should not attach party interest on the issues at hand, as according to him, it is beyond party politics.

“So far, the three years of his administration has been wasted years. If you are running a business in which you invested capital, and after three years, you can’t find value in it, that business can be said to have failed.

“This is beyond party affiliation, it about the nation. This government has politicised the anti-corruption war, this government has also politicised insecurity; this government has politicised even criticisms and have continued to embarrass Nigerians.

“He is busy singing anti-corruption, but around him, corruption is thriving. He went out of his way to approve monies that have not been appropriated for by the national assembly. Look at the aircraft they went to buy more than times two the price and without approval. This is a government whose activities is shrouded in secrecy; a government that has no interest in accountability and no respect for democratic principles.

“This is a government and a party that promised us restructuring and devolution of powers, but they have turned around to say no to it. This is a government that flouts orders of the court.

“The president went to UK, was asked a question about economic integration in relation to the security challenges in the North East, but he couldn’t even comprehend the question, he went off tangent and started calling Nigerian youths lazy. Remember this is the President of a country whose words go long way in portraying the image of the country. It is not beer parlour discussion.

President Muhammadu Buhari

“I believe the best he can do is to go and rest. Let him, as a man of integrity, keep his word of doing only one term. He promised to do one term, he should respect that,” he concluded.

“Also opposing Buhari second term bid, Mr. John Bede-Anthonio, former Managing Director, Lagos State Development & Property Corporation (LSDPC) asked Nigerians to mobilise and vote out the president to avoid “an impending disaster. And pray he’s not reelected but loses the election,” he said, “Nigerians have to mobilize against the coming disaster.”

In a statement sent to BusinessHallmark, president emeritus of Igbo think tank group, Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike said Buhari should ask himself if he has done any good work which he wants to continue.

“The constitution guarantees the right to contest for elections. The contestant makes some basic promises. But the basis for recontesting is to continue the good work. In other words, President Muhammadu Buhari will tell us what he has achieved!” he said.

“He listed three major areas: corruption, security and the economy. He should tell us where his achievements lie in those three areas. Can he say he has fought corruption without fear or favour?

“Can he say that the charges of nepotism and cover up of corruption against his men is not true? He should tell us that the insecurity we felt before has been eliminated; that people are free to go anywhere.. No Boko Haram, No Fulani killers, no banditry, no kidnapping.

“He should tell us how our economy is better off now that a bag of rice and a litre of petrol have doubled. He should tell us that our medical services have improved; that children of top politicians  school here.

“He must tell us how human rights are respected, how court orders are obeyed. The president has to tell us how investors are trooping in and where they are now. He must tell us how factories are reopening. Freedom of speech, hate speech, IPOB?” he queried.

Similarly, elder statesman and Afenifere Chieftain, PA Ayo Adebanjo accused the president of “aiding” killer herdsmen and said Nigerians should reject him.


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