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Published On: Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Different strokes’ as Sterling bank rebrands

Sterling Bank Iju water works Road
This branch of sterling bank is sited in the Alade Olowosokedile community and adjacent to Zenith Bank. The bank no doubt has gone through the rebranding process ongoing in Sterling Bank branches. The renovated bank had the new brand of 1, which signifies the one customer bank. The bank`s premises is close to the main road, causing a constraint for vehicles to park. The small space can occupy only two cars at a time.
When the Hallmark crew visited the branch, the environment was calm with two security men standing at both sides of the security doors welcoming customers, a small security post is at the left side to the main entrance to the bank.
There were few customers in the banking hall but, there was no service as at the time our crew visited causing a delay. Most of the customers were standing on each Conner waiting to be attended to, with some grumbling at the cahiers for wasting their time.
The hall was calm and neat with the cleaners waiting nearby to do their job, as at the time of our visit the customer care attendants had about five customers waiting in queue for their turn.
The bank had four automated teller machines (ATM), in which two of them are facing the main gate of Alade Olowosokedile community and the other two facing the bank. They also had an internet banking point were any customer that wants to use the internet can go the desktop computer and access their account.
Due to the extension of the Bank verifications number (BVN) till October about three customers were still seen waiting to be registered by the staff designated for the registration.
Sterling Bank, Plot 26 Ijaiye Road Ogba Lagos.
This branch of Sterling Bank is located in a modest space along the very busy Ogba Road, the bank has a car park that is very near to the road which can only accommodate three to four cars at a time.
 The bank is relatively old because it still has the old logo of the Sterling bank, the bank environment was poorly maintained and supervised, the soundproof generator in the front of the spills oil on the floor to the entrance of the bank, which made the bank look dirtier as it should be.
The bank lacked a convenient entrance point that was visible for the customers access, it has only one security door which made it difficult for easy flow of people in and out of the bank.
At the time of our visit there were two security men directing the customers on where to park, so as not to block the road or the entrance of the bank, on the main entrance door was a female security officer welcoming customers to the bank with a warm smile.
The banking hall was tense as one of the customers was shouting about another customer jumping the queue because he knows the cahiers on the counter, the man who lamented that he has been standing on the queue for over twenty minutes raged in anger did not want to listen to explanations by the officials, until they bring out the teller of the other man that jumped the queue, all efforts by the bank officials and customers to calm the man was to no avail until the man’s teller was returned to him. “I want to see the manager” the man said at last, other customer who were still standing on the slanted queue supported the man saying  that they have been waiting for so long   only for the man to come and  jump the queue.
Meanwhile the bank has a small banking hall which barely accommodated the huge customers who wanted to transact in the bank, transaction took about eight to ten minutes across the counter depending on the kind of transaction. There were three cahiers attending the customers.
The customer care post was at the behind the entrance door with four customers waiting to be attended to. The bank has two automated teller machine located outside the baking hall which were efficient as testified by customers.

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