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Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

Blackout in Ecobank … as customers lament poor service





Our across the counter team visited some banks within the Lagos metropolis to assess the quality of service being rendered. Our criteria were based on the bank’s level of professionalism, its customer care efficiency, security consciousness, corporate environment and ATM efficiency. Here is a report on Ecobank, Ijaiye Road, Ogba and Guaranty Trust Bank, Moloney Street, Obalende.



Ijaiye road,Ogba, Lagos

This EcoBank branch operates from quite a modestspace along the very busy Ogba road. It has a small car park which can accommodatejust a few vehicles.

On our visit to the bank, no security official was sightedwithin or outside the bank premises, the environment was calm because no one was seen going in or out of the bank. With no security official at the duty post to help, our team member had to make his way through one of the two security doors which made very disturbing noises. It was apparent that the doors which have suffered severe wear from customers trooping into the bank daily needed urgent service and repair.

Inside the bank was a security guardwho sat behind the door not doing anything in particular. He showed our team member the direction to the banking hall which was on the first floor. On getting to the hall, surprisingly there was a very long queue, which had gotten to the staircase. We couldn’t put a figure to the number of impatient customers huddled angrily in the hall but the rectangular space was crowded, rowdy and rough.

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Surprisingly, there was no transaction going on across the counter. Customers were seen mumbling and lamenting. On further enquiry, we realised there was no network for the bank to perform any transaction whatsoever.

All customers could do was to stand pitiably as they could neither make withdrawals nor deposits. There was a total freezing of activities, most of the customers complained of how they had stood in the bank for upwards of forty five minutes. Their frustration was further fuelled when the bank couldn’t even give a specific time when the network would be restored.

The customers who were sweating just kept murmuring, some however took their leave when nothing was done after a while. The cashiers could only watch on helplessly as all they could say was “service will soon be back,” as customers waited patiently for a miracle.

The blackout didn’t affect banking hall transactions alone. As expected, the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) located outside the banking hall were also out of service.

The situation remained the same till our team left.

Guaranty Trust Bank

Moloney Street, Obalende, Lagos

This branch of Guaranty Trust Bank is located in a competitive environment,  the building is sited opposite the Liaison Office, with Zenith Bank and Access Bank just a building or two away. The bank didn’t have enough car park, probably due to the fact that it is located in an already congested business district.

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On entering the bank, there were two security officials who were both on their toes. They took the body temperature of customers going into the bank with an infrared testing instrument, while they also helped customers into the bank with warm smiles.

This bank has a wonderful collection of art work both at the front of the main building and on every staircase. The banking hall had quite a number of cleaners taking their rounds to make sure the bank surrounding is kept clean at all times.

The Bulk counting Room and the Customer Care Unit is located on the first floor of the bank while the banking hall is on the second floor of the bank. There were five cashiers on duty as at the time of our visit though there were more cubicles for the cashiers.

There were over ten customers taking their turns to pass through the security check when we got to the bank, and there was a very long queue of customers in the banking hall which is typical of a Guaranty Trust Bank.

The bank has a very long stair case which may bring quite some discomfort for an elderly person performing any transaction on any of the floors. Transaction was fast as it took an average of four minutes

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