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Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

Bead making business: Creativity makes the difference

The trend and tide of fashion no doubt has given bead making a vital stake not just in its essence as a beauty maker but, also as a money spinning venture. Popular amongst every sociable women, traditional rulers and ceremony figures are beads of various types and styles creatively embellished to give credence and colour of beauty to its custodian.

Due to its symbolic representation of class and culture especially in our societal settings, the demand for beads has phenomenally grown over the years such that, ladies tend to have more collection of beads than they crave for gold. Business Hallmark Zubair Daniel had a discussion with the MD of Aarin Crafts, Miss Ayopo Oluwafunmilola who took us through the journey of her 11 years experience in bead making and how lucrative it could be…

How it started?

Aarin Crafts has been in business since 2007. Before I ever delved into beads making professionally, I was a teacher with one particular school and that was where I met with a colleague who was then into beads making. I had some pieces of beads that I wanted to strand and took it to her. Surprisingly she posed a question to me, asking why shouldn`t I rather take time to learn the art of beads making and I bought into it.

You know what, because of the passion I have in learning beads, I used to tell people that I didn`t learn beads making with naira (She laughed)… she charged me some amount of money in order to begin with her and all I had was the 20 pounds given to me by my sister and another funny aspect of the training was that, each time I went to her for training I used to buy some biscuits for her children to be able to keep them off  and the training took me three weeks .

Since then, I never looked back in taking up more and more training to enhance my knowledge to keep with the trends and innovations in the business. Beads making is wide as it comes in different types and styles. For instance, we have coral which is mostly used by traditional rulers, bride and groom to grace their occasions.

We also have stone beads which come in different forms such as precious stone which is expensive because it hardly breaks off even if it falls on the hard surface unlike others. We have as well crystal beads and swaloski beads which are also expensive because they are of quality product and uniquely stand out amongst others.

Just a bracelet of swaloski could cost as much as N40,000 because it is majorly patronized by the rich. Pearls and wire works are also part of beads making. Now, this is where the profitability of this business is hidden. As a professional, I can tell you that the same swaloski bracelet could be sold at N20,000.00 with no reduction in profit and still make a good cut of it.

As you know, the demand for beads is not seasonal and for every intending person, I can assure you that the business has high rate of return on investment. All you need do is to first of all get trained regardless of how much that will cost you. Once you could master the art, you will be the one to name your price according to the class of your customer per time.

Target customers

Ah, both the rich and others (she laughed)

Marketing strategy

Quality and affordable prices! See, in this business like every other, the work you do speaks for you and in turn attract more and more clients to you. Because people are happy with your work do refer others to you and that goes a long way.

Capital requirement

Apart from training which you must have, you could start with as low as N15,000.00 making use of your house and not a rented shop.



Training Negotiable
Beads Based on quantity    1,000  (at least)
Mono lines A roll        200
Beading niddle 20 pieces        100
pliers A set of 6     7,500
Tape Measure         500
Design Board      2,000
Maniquine      1,500
Total    12,800.00


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