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Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

Alex Otti declares for Abia governorship, promises good governance, chides PDP



Former bank executive Dr. Alex Otti on Friday declared his intention to run for the 2019 governorship election in Abia State under the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). Dr. Otti who made the declaration before a capacity crowd of supporters at the Ngwa High School, Aba promised to deliver the state from the shackles of poor leadership and set it on the part of progress.


The former banker who narrowly lost to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 election, accused the party of failing Ndi Abia for the past 19 years, and called on the people to rise up and demand for change. Accusing the PDP of stealing his votes in 2015, Otti assured Abia that he would do all within his powers to ensure their votes count this time, noting that he had “learned his lessons.”

“As our people say, if the journey is good, you embark on it again. But the journey of the PDP governance in Abia State – has it been good? The answer is no. Please, look at Abia State. Abia is the number one state in Nigeria. In any list of Nigerian states, Abia is always listed number one. And it is the only state that is in the Bible, that’s why it is called God’s Own State,” he noted.

“But let us look at the records. Is Abia really the number one state in Nigeria today? Even in the South East of Nigeria where we all come from, how has Abia under the leadership of PDP for 19 years performed?

Can Abia compare to Enugu State? Can Abia compare to Anambra State? Have you seen the road network in Anambra. Are teachers being owed in Anambra? Are civil servants being owed in Enugu State? Have you seen Owerri? Does Owerri look like a state capital or not?  Has anybody here been to Abakailiki in recent times? Have you seen what Governor Umahi has turned Ebonyi into? Please, follow me to Abia State and let us look at the records of the PDP government in 19 years.

“Politicians come and they use the things that bind us together as a people against us. So, they tell you, you are not from here; you are not from there, so you cannot belong in order to deceive you. Politicians come and they use the faith we all profess; the faith and belief in one God, to deceive you. So they say you don’t belong to this denomination, you belong to that denomination, so you cannot belong.

But today I stand here, as a true son of Abia State, a son that was born in Ngwa land; a son that was bred in Ngwa land, a son that drank the water, and received the culture in Ngwa land… a son of that has been guided by the spirit of our fathers and forefathers of the great Ngwa nation, who is also a son of the old Bende.

Alex Otti

“My father told me that he was born in Ngwa land, but that his grandfather came from a place called Arochukwu, which is part of Abia State. And so, I trace my lineage from Ngwa land all the way to Arochukwu. And as some scholars are presently finding out, many of us here, the great Igbo nation, take our bearings from far away Israel. That is why many people see us as the Jews of Africa.

“I charge all of you that we must overcome the divisions which corrupt politicians; politicians who lack vision; politicians who lack competence; politicians who don’t love their people, politicians who loot; whose only stock in trade is to cause divisions – politicians who hide their incompetence under the cover of ethnicity, division and nepotism.

“Today, I stand here today proclaim that all Abia is one. Under my government, there will be no discrimination, there will be no nepotism, and there will be no favouritism.  We will treat every Abia indigene fairly, justly and honestly. We will give everyone their due, and we will make the government, not a government of a few people, not a government of a cabal, not an occultist government, we will make it the government of the people of Abia State. We will open our doors to every Abia son and daughter, both here at home and abroad, to be part of the government. That is our solemn pledge.”


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