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Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

ACROSS THE COUNTER: GTB : Surging customers pressure service delivery

Business Hallmark across the counter team recently paid a visit to three selected branches of Guaranty Trust Bank which are Guaranty Trust Bank Ogba, Guaranty Trust Bank, Berger and Guaranty Trust Bank, Tinubu Square, Lagos Island all located in Lagos State. Our checks reveal that most branches of this bank were struggling to handle the massive turnout of customers.

Here is the report:

Guaranty Trust Bank, Tinubu Roundabout, Victoria Island

Although Guaranty Trust Banks are generally known for a large turnout of customers, this particular branch of the bank is always filled to the brim. What will welcome you from the ground floor is the long queue of customers waiting to use the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The crowd that thronged the first floor of the bank where across the counter transaction was going on was overwhelming. The bank officials were visibly under pressure to savour the situation as they were more concerned with how to move in and move out their company vehicles making customers at the ATM struggle for space each time their vehicles are moved out.

There was no visible parking space as most customers were left at the mercies of touts who had taken over the road, demanding money from car owners who parked their vehicles within the vicinity.

The banking halls located on the first and second floor of the building were crowded and disorganised as customers lamented the long period of time it took to attend to them. Also, just one of the Automated Teller Machines was working initially making withdrawals very slow at the ATM. Customers were forced to make long queue and break it whenever the company vehicles are being moved in and out.

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Guaranty Trust Bank, Berger

There was a large parking space for customers to park their vehicles.  The security man directed customers as to where to park, at the massive car park. To the left, there were people using the Automated Teller Machines, while there was another Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to the right which was used for making deposits.

On entering the banking hall downstairs, there was a crowd of people waiting at the customer care to make complaints. The section which had three customer care representatives in sight was slow as customers had to stand for a forty minutes and more before their request was attended to. The customer care representative officer at the middle desk appeared to be overwhelmed by the number of customers she had to attend to.

The first queue to the left hand side which had those who wanted to pick their ATM cards was also under pressure as it took close to fifteen minutes to attend to just a customer. The representative handling the issuing of ATM cards seemed fairly fast as she took lesser minutes to leave her desk to fetch the cards.

Should we add that there was a long queue at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as two of the machines were not working as at the time our team visited.

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Guaranty Trust Bank, Ogba

Out of the three banks visited, one should commend this bank as the nature of service was better than what obtained at the two other banks mentioned above.

When Hallmark crew visited, the premises was calm as individuals went through their transaction smoothly. All the ATM machines were working. There was an efficient desktop for internet transaction at the first floor of the bank where the Customer Care section is also located.

The security men were all up to their tasks, the two security men on duty who manned the entrance assisted customers into the banking. From the customer care officials who were located on the first floor of the banking hall to the cashiers on the ground floor, the service delivery and customer relations of this branch of GTB is impressive.

Our across the counter team have observed overtime that Guaranty Trust Bank has a very robust customer base and turnout in the banking halls and at the ATMs. Most branches of the bank have however not put proper measures and strategies in place that will measure up to their wide customer base.

We will not deny that Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the leading banks in E Banking but proper measures should be put in place to manage customer turnouts so bank customers will not have to queue for hours to carry out simple transactions.


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