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Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2018

Abia 2019: Akomas joins race  to add value to governance

Dr. Chris Akomas was a former Abia state Deputy Governor

Akomas spoke during a Media forum at his Nenu country-home in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia state.  PETER OKORE was there for Business Hallmark and reports:

Dr. Chris Akomas was a former Deputy Governor in Abia state. He had   served the government of Abia state in various capacities before becoming  a Deputy Governor  and now a member of the Board of Trustees(BoT) of the All Progressive Congress, APC.

He wants to break the jinx in the political history of his contemporaries in Abia by being the first former Deputy governor and member of BoT of a political party to aspire for the governorship seat in the forthcoming 2019 general elections in the country.

He reasoned that going by the existing Abia Charter of Equity, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has done the first tenure of four years, while he (Chris Akomas) should be allowed to do the next tenure to complete the two tenures of 8(eight) years allowed for Abia-South Senatorial zone in the bid to correct existing mistakes of past administrations in Abia as well as continue the good relationship within and amongst Abians.

Dr Chris Akomas joined the services of Abia State from an International background, having worked at World Bank Projects. He said he merely came into politics to add value to governance in Abia state.

Akomas has since then, served the Abia State government at various levels, positively touched the lives of many, made a lot of innovations and   came face-to-face with the problems of Abia as well as learnt how to tackle  Abia problems. He started by being appointed Special Adviser to the then governor on Education, when Prof. Nkpa Agu Nkpa was Commissioner for Education.

Later he became Commissioner for Lands and Surveys. In this capacity, he introduced the Abia Lands Information System (ALIS Project). Under this project a Consultant was engaged to train Abia personnel to handle the  Abia state Land Project .

It is worthy of note that with this Abia Land project, people were able to recover their lost parcels of Land, while such lost and recovered Lands   were returned to their  original owners. New land was equally discovered.  That Project generated a lot of revenue for Abia state Government.

It was after his brush with the Ministry of Lands and Surveys that Akomas was made Deputy Governor to then Governor Theodore Orji, currently representing Abia-central District of Abia state in the National Assembly.  All these elevations were founded on his principle of Unity and development of Abia state, which had been his guide in both the public and private sectors till date.

Presently Akomas is a member of the BoT of the APC, which is as he put it, paying off well. This is the highest rank for any governorship aspirant from any existing political party in Abia.

According to him:” My era as an Adviser to the governor on Education led to the closure of many Schools that operated on shanty structures and premises or could not meet standards. Some of those schools were later re-opened after they did the right things. I did all those things so that our children would come out of such schools better.

“I was against indecent dressing by pupils, students and teachers in our schools system. I was also against coming late to school, dirty environment, teachers trading in class rooms, etc etc”.

As deputy governor, he saw that all schedules on his Table were delivered promptly. “All documents or drafts from my office to the governor   were treated with dispatch”.

”As the deputy governor, I had no quarrel with the governor, Chief Theodore Orji. Throughout my tenure as Deputy Governor, Governor Orji   did not find any of my contributions or documents contradictory.

“In fact, in the Acknowledgement page of the THESIS for my PhD, I   strongly commended Chief Theodore Orji and his family. I have no quarrel with him and family at all, in spite of what led to my exit from that administration.

Anytime, I will still confer the Tittle: “Ezi Enyi ndi Ngwa” to T.A.Orji. That man has done a lot for Ngwa people. It is this spirit of tolerance, good relationships with people and networking which I gained during my absence from Abia government, that I want to bring- in to move Abia to the level it should find itself.

Akomas said after being a deputy governor, life continued to augur well with him. “You see I am well refreshed and well co-ordinated. My relationship with people and networking has increased while I was out of government. It is this good relationship and Networking that I want to   bring-in for the development of Abia state.

“Most importantly, I used my absence from government to complete my PhD project. I had completed the tutorials and needed time to do my project. That I have done successfully. My coming back into politics (now as governor) is because I know what to do. I want to contest this coming election, so that I will have the authority to work for Abia, open Aba  as a commercial  city, increase Abia internally generated revenue(IGR) and  to turn Umuahia as a true state capital. In all, I want to increase the capital base of Abia state.

“I have already done a study on the above and I know what to do.  It all requires team-work and I am a team-player.  I know those who can help me achieve all my proposals for Abia, if elected.  My desire at all times is for public good and I want to deliver for public good”.

Unlike other politicians, who make promises they will never fulfill, Akomas said that he will not compromise his stance on public good and promises; he will not make fake promises to the people, if elected. “Nobody can bend me to make anything look otherwise.

Look at late Michael Okpara, premier of defunct Eastern Region, years after he died, he is still being remembered today, as if he just died yesterday. Today, where are the industries and establishments he left behind? They are gone. I will make my marks within 4years”, he stated.

“Look at the Inland Container Depot, ICD, at Isialangwa. I was in- charge of that project and we had performed the ground-breaking ceremony. We had mobilized the various communities that own parcels of land there. We had also mobilized about 70 Companies to participate in that Project. It was proposed to take-off along with others in parts of the country, before I left office.

Today, where is that project? What has happened to the communities and their land they forfeited for the project? That project, which should would have employed thousands of youths, skilled men and women as well as given succour to the donor-communities have been abandoned, for no just reason.

“I know what to do to open other areas of harvest for Abia and grow Abia   economy to make Abians proud. Innovation, creativity, ingenuity are just what we need to grow Abia economy. I like what Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is doing to market made –in-Aba produce. Here I must add that we can grow something and yet not able to develop it. Let’s use our knowledge and productivity to bring Abia to the forefront and brand this state proudly”.

In answer to a question, the APC chieftain explained that his ruling party   allows three systems of conducting her primaries due to kick-start in a few weeks time. These three options are Direct, Indirect and Consensus Primaries, respectively. He said all the three options are possible, but APC says it prefers direct primary for the Presidential aspirants. We are ready for all of these in Abia state.

On Monday, 27th August, 2018, Abians rolled out their Red Carpet to celebrate the state’s 27 years of her creation. On this anniversary, Akomas had this to say:”Abia has done well in 27 years in that we are still relating together under one State as a creation of our Founding Fathers.

We have also achieved moving from one administration to another without crisis. But from here to Arochukwu; to Ukwa, Ikwuano and Isuikwuato the situations are still the same; decaying infrastructures. Abia leaderships have politicized everything. Sycophants are having field-day singing and giving the outside world false impressions that everything is 100 percent in Abia.

At-times the problem is not with the leaderships; but with Abians themselves.  They cannot place their priorities right. Abians should prioritize their needs, knowing fully that tenure of any administration is short-lived. There are too many praise-singers who are milking the Abia Government dry; and Tax-payers money is used to maintain them. Whereas, such should not be, in a government that means well  and good for the people.

Look at the quantum of environmental degradation in Aba and Umuahia. Nobody can initiate a good proposal on how to harness such to generate revenue for the state.

On the rumour making the rounds that Akomas is being funded from the Abia Government House, Umuahia, he refuted such speculations, describing such as false, unfounded and baseless.

”I am not contesting this governorship position for Ikpeazu. I am contesting to win and to be sworn-in in 2019. I am not on the payroll of Abia state Government.  By right I ought to be in the payroll of Abia state, as a one-time deputy governor. But I am not. Of course, we are still in court over this.

I am not anybody’s stooge in Abia or elsewhere. I am contesting this election as Chris Akomas. You do not antagonize your brothers because your own term will come. Four years is enough for anybody.

I am a strong proponent of ONE Term of five years for both President and state Governors. This question of two terms is not good for us. It does not lend itself to performance at all.

On the Abia Charter of Equity being adopted by the PDP, Akomas had this to say:”Abia Charter of Equity was established by our Founding Fathers for peace to reign in Abia and for us to see ourselves as brothers and sisters.  Abia Charter of Equity is in progress in Abia. Okezie Ikpeazu has done for four years under PDP. Now, Akomas should equally do the next four years, under APC,for him to lay the solid foundations anybody coming behind(me) will never take Abia back again.

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